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// GeographyLocation:Latitude: 28.95 (28°57') NLongitude: 13.533 (13°32') WAltitude:Lowest: Atlantic OceanCentre: 30 mPostal code: 35000 Historical population

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medee64 :

I need to do this journey on 30th june returning on 1st july.any clues would be appreiciated.......thanx

lily s :
nomadic :
"No, there is not. This company... ...had intended to start a ferry service between Las Palmas and Tarfaya (Morocco), but didn't get it up and running. Check their website for more details. This airline... ...offers flights from Las Palmas to Marrakech (from which you can fly or take a bus to Agadir). I can tell you, yet again, that it is impossible to go to Morocco from the Canaries as a day trip."
Sarah T :
"Nomadic is right, there is no ferry yet. You could do a day trip if you were leaving Morocco to the Canary's and back again. Other way around it is minimum overnight one night. I personally would suggest (from experience) using Royal Air Maroc (from Las Palmas to Agadir). There is a direct flight. Depending on what you need to do in Agadir this may not work as it is a late arriving flight and the returns to the Canary's are early flights out of Agadir. It will likely run you 300+ Euros."


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Date: 2008-04-01 12:19:27

Sabado 05 de Abril, 2008. en el Skate Park de Arrecife, Campeonato Local de Skate Lanzarote y Fuerteventura. Organiza la Asociación Deportiva Juvenil Ser Urbano, Junto al programa Alto Riesgo y la Tienda de Skate & Surf de Arrecife, Salomé.

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