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Joséphine F :

Could someone explain to me, in a clear and conscise way, what was the Battle of Arnhem, what the Market Garden plan was and who John Frost, Browning, Sosabowski, and Eisenhower were? A general overview of the Battle of Arnhem would be extremely appreciated. Preferably in a way I'd understand it, without all the boring descriptions and hard words. Thanks a million! :)

sparks9653 :
"Operation Market Garden (September 17–September 25, 1944) was an Allied military operation in World War II. Its tactical objectives were to secure a series of bridges over the main rivers of the German-occupied Netherlands by large-scale use of airborne forces together with a rapid advance by armored units along the connecting roads, for the strategic purpose of allowing an Allied crossing of the Rhine river, the last major natural barrier to an advance into Germany. The operation was initially successful with the capture of the Waal bridge at Nijmegen on September 20, but it was a failure overall since the British XXX Corps failed to relieve the 1st Airborne Division who had managed to take the road bridge at Arnhem, and overall held out far longer than planned. The Rhine remained a barrier to the Allied advance until the Allied offensives in March 1945. As a consequence of the battle, Holland could not be liberated in time and the 'Hungerwinter' in Holland took thousands of lives"
glenn :
"Maarket Garden was a plan to capture Arnhem a few weeks after D-day. It involved sending paratroopers to capture several bridges over rivers leading to it. Unfortunately, there was only ONE road going there for the Allies to use. The Germans between paratrooper drops were able to delay the advance along that road, and they were not able to hold the last bridge. It is the basis of the book and movie "A Bridge too far""
redunicorn :
"Eisenhower was the American general in charge of D Day and the rest of the war. Operation Market Garden was an allied mission to take bridges in German occupied Netherlands. Gen.bryg. Stanisław Franciszek Sosabowski (8 May 1892 - 25 September 1967) was a Polish general in World War II. He fought in the Battle of Arnhem (Netherlands) in 1944 as commander of the Polish 1st Independent Parachute Brigade. John Dutton (Johnny) Frost was a British general that was injured at Arnhem bridge part of Operation Market Garden. These 35,000 men from three nations would be commanded by Brereton’s British deputy, Lt. Gen. Frederick “Boy” Browning. Maj. Gen. Maxwell Taylor’s 101st Airborne Division would be dropped north of Eindhoven; Maj. Gen. Jim Gavin’s 82nd Airborne Division would be inserted south of Nijmegen; and Maj. Gen. Roy Urquhart’s British 1st Airborne Division, along with Maj. Gen. Stanislaw Sosabowski’s 1st Independent Polish Parachute Brigade, were to land around Arnhem. Basically the Allies parachuted men in to take bridges to stop the Germans in the Netherlands. However there was a shortage of planes and many parachuting in were easy prey for German guns. Sosabowski was blamed for criticizing Field Marshal Montgomery even though his men did everything they could to help the stranded British soldiers and he lost 40% of his own men."
dimitri c :
"the market garden plan was an idea brought up by the people above who where major generals in world war2. around 35,000 paratroopers where flown into central europe and dropped there. the plan was meant to end the war by xmas but failed miserably. the battle of arnhem was a battle in which a british unit was tasked of taking the city. the plan failed miserably because some of the men and ammunation(bullets) where seen dropping to ground by german patrols who captured the soldiers and sent them away to be questioned their leaders found out the bulk of the plan and managed to counter the attack. many of the 35,000 who wernt killed by the german bullets where either captured and killed or died of starvation as the allies left them to die."
dirk_vermaelen :
"you could watch the movie "a bridge too far" (1977) if you dislike reading."
robinovak :

I'm going to be near Arnhem from 20 of Aug till 21 of Sep this year so I would like to know about weather and temp. and something about the city - prices of food and drink, health food stores, working hours (shops)...

Willeke :
"Weather can be warm, with a top of about 35C or 100 F in extreme warm weather but is more likely to be moderate, between 15 and 25C, (sorry I do not know F for these temps). It can be sunny for the periode but rain is always to be expected in the Netherlands. If you shop in a supermarket you should be able to get a weekly food supply for about 25 to 50 Euro, dining out will cost you more than that for one decent dinner. (But cheap and filling meals can be found for about 10 Euro if you are happy with fast food and pizza joints.) Drinking (serious drinking nights out) will be costly, I do not do them, but check the prices if you are on a budget. A drink in town can be anything from 2 Euro up to 5 Euro, depending on what you drink and where. Health food stores are available, do a google search for them if you can not find one localy. I do not live near enough to know where you need to go. Stores are mostly open 9 to 6, some small ones will close already at 5, supermarkets often stay open late, till 8 or 9, there is one late night shopping where also the small shops stay open till 9. Saturday hours are slightly shorter, and Sundays most shops are closed, although there might be one shopping Sunday in the month, where some center of town shops will open. For any specific questions you can not find answers for, contact the tourist information office: They also have info about shops and so on."
gabrielacom :
"the previous answer was pretty detailed so i will not repeat.. one more thing that i wanted to tell u is that in Arnhem there is a nice safari park called Burger's Zoo that is really worth visiting. enjoy!"
carla l :
"you can also look at the arnhem site. you can also choose for the English language. Have a good time"
chazzychef :
"Yep, Burger's Zoo is awesome. You should also try the Arnhem Filmhuis for a fun movie-going experience. You'll also be fairly close to the Hoge Veluwe, which is a really beautiful place."
speedy_biondalez :
"well the weather can be between 10 and 25 degrees C. , it's not predictable in the netherlands. Arnhem is a nice cute town, with a nice centre. To go out at night i can advise to ask for the "korenmarkt" which is a quarter with all bars , discotheques, and restaurants. (several pizzeria's, chinese, french fries, shoarma....all kind of stuff). In the neighbourhood of the central station , there is a nice park, the sonsbeekpark, where every now and than are concerts. In arhem nord you'll also find the burger's zoo, which is really big and interesting, with safari, bush and desert. directly next to it, you'll find the open air museum , where you can watch the "old" netherlands walking around in a 4Ha forrest. with all kinds of old houses and buildings, ancient workers, and several demostrations. in the direct environment of arnhem there are natural parks (hoge veluwe , posbank) , and about 20 minutes by car from arnhem there is the town nijmegen which is also worth a visit."
vilhelm :

The story ends with the eventual capture of the battle wiery remnants of 1st para.Did the allies then retreat back to nijmegan(and beyond?) or did they dig in and fight it out with the 2 panzer divisions that had saw the end of the savage fighting in Arnhem? Also what happened to the bridge during/if any hostillities?

torskie :
"In World War II, during Operation Market Garden (September 1944), the British 1st Airborne Division and the Polish 1st Independent Parachute Brigade were given the task of securing the bridge at Arnhem. The units were parachuted and glider-landed into the area on September 17 and later. The bulk of the force was dropped rather far from the bridge and never met their objective. A small force of British 1st Airborne managed to make their way as far as the bridge but was unable to secure both sides. The Allied troops encountered stiff resistance from the German 9th and 10th SS Panzer divisions, which had been stationed in and around the city. The British force at the bridge eventually surrendered on September 21, and a full withdrawal of the remaining forces was made on September 26. These events were dramatized in the 1977 movie A Bridge Too Far. (The bridge scenes in the movie were shot in Deventer, where a similar bridge over the IJssel was available, as the area around Arnhem bridge had changed too much to represent WWII era Arnhem). As a tribute, the rebuilt bridge was renamed 'John Frost-bridge' after the commander of the paratroopers. The official commemoration is September 16. The current bridge is the third almost-identical bridge built at the same spot. The Dutch Army destroyed the first bridge when the Germans invaded Holland in 1940. The second bridge was destroyed by the US Air Force shortly after the 1944 battle. A second battle of Arnhem took place in April 1945 when the city was liberated by I Canadian Corps of the First Canadian Army."


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The judge in a child sex assault case being heard in the Northern Territory Supreme Court has told reporters in the courtroom not to use the word “rape” in relation to the case. The case involves two adult men and three teenage boys who sexually assaulted an 11-year-old boy at Maningrida in Arnhem Land over a period of months last year.

Date: 2008-02-04 21:32:43

ARNHEM - Joran van der Sloot is woensdag in Arnhem aangehouden als verdachte in de verdwijningszaak van Natalee Holloway

Date: 2008-02-04 21:32:43

Scottish League-Glasgow Celtic (Grand Old Team) Scottish Sunderland-Daydream Believer. U2-Beautiful Day (Itv Premiership Theme) Vitesse Arnhem-Clublied ...

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