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Can someone tell me the top 10 hotels in Arles, France?

"Some hotels in Arles : Jules Cesar Hotel Arles**** Mas de la Chapelle*** New Hotel Arles Camargue*** AUBERGE DU MAS DE LA FENIERE*** Mercure Arles Camargue*** hotel acacias** Hotel le Regence** AMPHITHEATRE HOTEL** Ibis Arles** Arles Palais des Congrès** Arles sud Fourchon** AUBERGE DU MAS D'ALIVON** DE LA MUETTE** DES GRANGES** HOSTELLERIE DE LA SOURCE** LE MAS DE LA ROSERAIE** Peter"
Ed R :
" I am not sure if this counts as a top 10 but I really liked it. Clean, centerally located and friendly staff. We had the room overlooking the amphatheater with a small balcony. Fair pricing and a nice restaurant. I would definately stay there again."
schloe7 :

Can you qiuckly make up a poem about Van Gogh's Bedroom At Arles thanks don't worry i won't copy it it's just a review for homework that i need 20 people to write a poem and tick of the ords if they read them! thanks for your help! =] LoveYouXXXXX

Jonathan V :
"Van Gogh painted the walls in pale violet. Windows green and the doors lilac. The wooden bed yellow. The chairs just as mellow. Then washed his brush in the toilet."
pfries_2006 :

I am to leave Arles on a river cruise on October 6, and the cruise line told me the ship leaves from Quai Lamartine in Arles. Because I must get to the ship on my own I have tried to find a map of that dock without success. The only dock with that name is in Macon France, many miles away, which is even past our destination city of Lyon. I am sure that the Macon dock is not the dock from which I am leaving. Any help would be appreciated. (I must travel from Marseille to the cruise ship.) Paul

Inconnaissable :
"There is a quai Lamartine in Arles where all the cruise boats are wharfed ! it is situated 2,5 kms from the city centre and you should not meet any problem to find it when arriving in Arles. Do not hesitate to ask your way and if you don't speak French, show your cruise program and I am sure there will be a kind person there able to help you."


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Paul Gauguin und Vincent van Gogh in Arles (Kunst & Malerei)

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Arles offers a warm welcome, comfortable beds and spacious rooms. ... Sue & Tom Day : Address : Arles Bed & Breakfast 50 Riverbank Road State Highway 4, Wanganui : Phone/Fax 06 343 ...

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