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HistoryThere is some disagreement over the proper etymology of the name "Arizona." The two most likely explanations are that it derives from a Basque phrase aritz onak, "good oaks," or that it comes from an O'odham phrase alĭ ṣonak, "small spring". The former etymology is the one preferred by Arizona state historian Marshall Trimble, among other specialists. The name Arizonac was initially applied to the silver mining camp, and later (shortened to Arizona) to the entire territory.Meeting its original native inhabitants, probably the Sobaipuri, Marcos de Niza, a Spanish Franciscan, explore

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rabbit :

Going to Arizona in June and I was wondering, other than the obvious tourist attractions, if there was anything "off the beaten path," so to speak, that might be interesting to see?

alowishesa :
"I like "unique" and I consider Arizona to be the "Australia of the U.S." Many states claim to have "it all", but I think Arizona comes the closest. Wickenburg, Az. is a little frontier style town, northwest of Phoenix, that seems to be relatively untouched by time ....... kinda unique. Tucson used to be like that. But there are scores of places like that, no matter where you base yourself at. Lake Havasu City - water sports area Flagstaff - Beautiful mountain area w/ skiing Sedona - Picturesque mountain area steeped in folklore Tombstone - With it's western history. and on and on ....... And one last thing ......... Arizona sunsets are special.(maybe not in Phoenix, anymore, smog.) I don't know why and I know it sounds crazy or prejudice, but the Arizona sunsets fill a lot of postcards. So at least photographers agree with me. Have a great time ......"
juicycoutureluver :

what do people think of arizona, is it a popular state or does no one talk about it so when you hear arizona what do you think

old school :
"Hot. Has nice places. Not for me."
Bottom Contributor :
"i think of that lake that everybody goes on during spring break. I lived in New Mexico and colorado for about 4 years"
haas_love :
"I dont know...but just seeing the question being AZ was funny looking....made me smile."
Chichi :
"I live there so I always hear about it! I love it though!"
Blue Rose :
"It's dry and hot, however Phoenix and Maricopa County area is the new up and coming areas to move to. I think it made top 5. It's still dry and hot and when it does rain they have flash flooding as the ground is so hard it can't absorb water fast enough."
fallingstar :
"i lived in Arizona for 7 years and when i hear Arizona i cannot wait to go back! one of my favorite states"
phxmilitarymom :
"Arizona is a very diverse state. We have everything from Phoenix that is around 112 degrees, on average, during the summer to Flagstaff that is our "snowbowl" for skiing, and just about everything in between. Cactus to Aspens and Pines. If you don't like heat, and I mean really really hot weather for 6 months of the year, then Southern Arizona is not the place for you. Northern Arizona is very nice. Sedona is about as pretty as it gets and it has seasons, unlike southern AZ. There is really not much to do here for as big as it is. Unless you are into sports or movies. We have a Baseball arena, Basketball arena, Football stadium, both college and professional and that is about it. A few water parks, a few lakes that are a joke as we are losing so much water they are barely bigger than ponds now. So, hot, dry and boring in southern part, beautiful, laid back and interesting in Northern."
caligirl73 :
"i'm from cali and visited Tempe just a few weeks was awesome! Yes, it was hot..but not intolerable. It's a great party town and the people are friendly! Also visited Sedona and Jerome. It was beautiful! I will alway think of the great time I had when I was there when I hear "Arizona"!"
[♥]original :

whats it like there.. i might be moving there && i really dont want toooo. =[

ziggyman :
"i graduated hs and college there, but that was centuries ago. haven't been back since, probably wouldn't recognize anything. very hot in the summer, over 100degrees often. wish i could be more help..."
sarahjc23 :
"there is no Arizona."
Bill O :
"Depends what part of Arizona, in the higher elevations its cooler in the summer and cold enough for snow in the winter, the lower areas in the summer is hot and dry so if your from the Philippines you will be fine as you wont feel the heat as much because you are living in a high humidity and moving to a low humidity, the lower area is more of a desert and the higher area has beautiful trees and many wild life to view. Have a great time and enjoy, Bill"
b c :
"Its hot! But through time you can get used to it. I moved to the Virginia mountains were is freezing cold practicly all the time! I adjusted fast. I'm sure you will too!"
pea soup :
"Each part of Arizona ( North, middle, and South) is really different. The middle and south sections are mostly desert with amazing mountains and mesas. The south also has some incredible caves. The north is at a much higher elevation and includes a great deal of forest. You can also experience all 4 seasons there as it does snow each winter. There is great skiing, camping, and hiking. Arizona also contains the gorgeous area around Sedona as well as the South rim of the Grand Canyon! There are also beautiful lakes throughout the entire state."
Rosalie A :
"Northern Arizona The Grand Canyon, Sedona's famed red rocks, Flagstaff's forested mountains, Lake Powell's blue waters and Monument Valley's sandstone spires are some of the natural wonders that await you in Northern Arizona. Enigmatic landscapes that captivate the imagination and capture the soul are found throughout this singular landscape. Here, the mile-deep Grand Canyon slashes its colorful course across 277 miles, the cobalt-blue waters of Lake Powell mark a stunning contrast against the sandstone shoreline, and the flourishing forests of the San Francisco Peaks seem to reach to the sky. In addition to beautiful scenery, Northern Arizona also offers the excitement of traveling the “Mother Road”, Route 66, the opportunity to explore Native American cultures, interesting local artwork and delicious regional cuisine. Tucson & Southern Arizona Replete with natural wonders, history and culture, Southern Arizona has been romancing visitors with its Old West charm for decades. The region's most populous city, Tucson, is a thriving metropolis with luxurious golf courses and resorts, a flourishing art and history scene and vivid multi-cultural heritage. With Old West towns and guest ranches, the region makes a perfect Arizona getaway for visitors who want to relive the past. Or, for those with an eye to the sky, the area hosts a variety of astronomical observatories which study everything from our closest star, the sun, to all the stars beyond . Additionally, Southern Arizona's rich riparian areas and rugged mountain ranges rank among the world's best birding sites. Phoenix & Central Arizona Arizona's capital city of Phoenix combines with the surrounding cities of Chandler, Glendale, Mesa, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale and Tempe, among other cities, to form the Valley of the Sun, a rich mecca of diverse experiences. Central Arizona's desert is home to the Phoenix-metropolitan area and its more than 3.4 million residents. Encompassing more than 2,000 square miles, the area amazes with a variety of experiences, ranging from world-class resorts, spas, shopping and golf courses, to renowned restaurants and a vibrant nightlife. The metropolitan area has all the wonderful experiences you would expect to find in a major city – set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Sonoran Desert. In addition, the region also boasts fantastic museums and galleries, a wide array of sports events, Old West and Native American history, hiking and other outdoor activities suited for the state's more than 300 days of sunshine each year."
Jimmy K :
ami :
"don't let people tell you how Arizona is if they are google-ing it.. it's not the same as living there... I live in Arizona. Let me tell you that everything depends on what part of Arizona you are moving into... south , center or north The weather is very very hot on summer (over 100 degrees) and very very cold in winter (enough to snow). There are beautiful places where you can go camping, skiing, hiking or sightseeing, landscapes are incredible (better than postals) and the people is really friendly and nice, except for Green Valley city (it's for 65+ year old people, not that they aren't friendly, they just never go out). As for economy and work..they are good, not excellent, but very good.. At the north part of Arizona, there is this city.. Sedona.. which is for rich people, great spas. great stores (shopping). You probably don't want to come and live over here because you don't know how it is, but give it a chance.. besides the crazy weather, you will enjoy everything ;)"
actuary0424 :
"At 8 pm yesterday in yuma it was like 97 degrees... my cousin is stationed there for the marines... I think it usually gets into the 100s but is just dry heat not humid like michigan(where i live ...ugh I hate humidity!)"
Mrs B :
"Hot, dry/arid climate. Mostly rocky, very little vegatation. Beautiful vistas of rocky cliffs, plateaus and mesas."
cool person :
"well you got the good the bad and the ugly over here like everywhere else, good luck, sabie"


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Date: 2008-03-11 03:35:17

Jerome Corsi, World Net Daily - John McCain's personal fortune traces back to organized crime in Arizona, through his father-in-law, according to a report published by a multi-news agency team called Investigative Reporters and Editors Inc.

Date: 2008-03-11 03:35:17

The Right Wing hates him, the Left Wing knows he's a serial panderer: meet John McCain, loved by the media, hated by by just about everyone else outside of Arizona. If the Dems don't tear their party up during the primary, the 2008 elections will be a landslide in their favor. John McCain is there for the GOP to maintain presence, the new Bob Dole.

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There are few political commodities more lucrative than a reputation for integrity, which may explain why any lobbyist worth his salt would do well to court John McCain. The Arizona senator is considered so beyond the taint of corruption, he is free to engage all the more brazenly in the truck and barter of money and influence.

Date: 2008-03-11 03:35:17

President Bush says he wants John McCain to win, whether he's for or against the Arizona Senator.

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