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massiveshopaholic :

I'm heading to the Argeles in the south of France for 2 weeks and was wondering if there is anything worth seeing down there?? Thanks a mil =)

Pelayo :
"It's a very busy holliday destination (Argeles plage). I used to go there when i was a kid. Spain is not far and worth a visit, espacially Barcelona and Figueras (famous for Dali). Perpignan is the nearest large city. It's ok, Dali said that the train station in Perpignan was the centre of the world...(!!!! but that's Dali) Argeles village is lively especially during summer with it's market. There's a large zoo nearby, I can't remember the name...There is a little town that is packed with artists and tourists...a popular place to visit Collioure. North of Perpignan is Rivesaltes, a town famous for its sweet white wine: muscat... More infos on"
"The Languedoc-Rousillon area has much to see. Photos of the area : You can also do day trips to Spain, Andorra, Camargue and Provence. Peter"
lesroys :
"Presume you'll have a car when you are there. Worth seeing is the African reserve at Sigean, the Gorges de Galamus (physically challenging, but worth it, esp. for the chapel in the cave), the Musee Dali in Figueres and the Dali house at Cadaques. Girona is also a nice day out for paella and a visit to the cathedral. If you don't mind driving a couple hours each way, do a day trip to Barcelona. In the other direction, Carcassonne is also very interesting. Collioure is charming, but not actually a lot to see. Nothing of particular interest to see in Perpignan, unless there's a festival. Check out local info to see if there are any "son et lumiere" things going on in the area. To eat: Chateau de Jau in Cases de Pene (lunch only - carnivores only! amazing place, not open until late June, though), Le Clos de Paulilles in Collioure (dinner only), and if you can possibly get a table (I understand you have a chance if you are dressed nicely and turn up at lunch time) at El Bulli. There's another starred restaurant not far from Argeles, but I can't remember the name - La Terrasse, maybe? Andorra is great for duty-free shopping, and Port Vendres (a border town - be careful when parking, alternate sides of the road on alternate days - spot fines!) is good for Spanish food stuffs and knick-knacks (paella dishes, etc). Also good to visit the caves in Banyuls. In July and August these resorts are teeming with European tourists packed on to the beaches like sardines. You have been warned! Also be warned that Argeles is in Catalunya (as are almost all the other places I've mentioned). PS: Hi, Peter!!"
matone1 :

This would have been approx 20 years ago. I cant figure out from the SNCF website if this still operates. The service was direct without having to change in Paris.

"well you now have to change.#"
misschichette :
"It does look like there is no direct train anymore. And not only do you have to change trains in Paris, you also have to change train stations:-( Here's what I found on the SNCF website: Leave Calais at 19h33 (Eurostar) Arrive Paris Gare du Nord 20h59 THEN Leave Paris Gare d'Austerlitz 21h56 Arrive Perpignan 07h21"


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