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Coordinates: 44°40′N, 4°25′E
Ardèche (Occitan and Arpitan: Ardecha) is a department in south-central France named after the Ardèche River.

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Garry :

Is this region particularly badly affected? How strong might the wind be?

ziggy v :
"it will make it windy? is this a trick question?"
peter g :
"Not too badly. The Mistral is a wind that comes from the mediteranean and mostly efffects the coastal areas of the Cote d'azur and Provence. Ardeche Is a little more land inward .and in order to go inland the wind must pass a few mountainous regions. That stops most of the effect. You'll feel some wind but not as bad that you'd have to hold on to something or be blown away(the Mistral can get that strong around the coast)"
lollipoppett2005 :
"Mistral wind only really troublesome in the winter months."


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Date: 2008-02-02 22:58:40

Three Italian and two French Regions (Aosta Valley, Piedmont, Liguria, Provence-Cote d'Azur and Rhône-Alps), 26 provinces, 17 million inhabitants, the two largest Mediterranean harbours (Genoa and Marseille) and Europe's tallest mountain (Monte Bianco) and deepest gorge (Ardeche). All this and much more lies within the borders of the newly...

Date: 2008-02-02 22:58:40

The closest I got from celebrating Bastille Day this year was thanks to a nice little red wine from Ardeche called Petanque.Petanque is also a sport popular mainly in Southern France. It combines social gathering, elements of comedy and sometimes a little kitty for tournament winners.

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Ardèche ( Occitan and Arpitan : Ardecha ) is a department in south-central France named after the Ardèche River . ...
Ardeche, camp-site, gite, hotel, B&B in Ardeche

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