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Aragón, in Spanish and Aragonese; Aragó, in Catalan, is an autonomous community in the centre of north-eastern Spain. Its official name in Spanish is the "Comunidad Autónoma de Aragón." It has an area of 47,719 km² (18,424 mi²) with a population of 1,277,471 (2006).Aragon is bounded on the north by France, on the east by Catalonia, on the south by Valencia, and on the west by Castile-La Mancha, Castile-Leon, La Rioja, and Navarre. It comprises the provinces of Zaragoza (English and Catalan: Saragossa), Huesca, and Teruel. It is traversed by the Ebro, mountainous in the north; with beaut

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Antonio Aragon (Antonio Aragón) 是這牌子? 請問Vivi上次戴的耳環兩邊不同但是一組的是哪個牌子的? Antonio Aragon (Antonio Aragón) 是這牌子? 哪邊可以買到呢?

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"EBAY !"
kaypenquin :
"Maybe here."
Michelle :

my last name is aragon. if anybody has any information about aragon, spain or the aragonese language, i would love to know. i also know that my dads father was from guatemala. there is a rumor that someone in our family was a guatemalan president but i couldn't find any information on that online. any information would be appreciated thank you!

torreart :
"Aragon as you must know is a region in Spain but is not aragonese language , they speak spanish with a particular accent. Until the XV century Aragon was an independent kingdom and a part of it were the the Catalan counties , the language in that area is not spanish is Catalan (still today) but it's not considered Aragon"
wendy c :
"It sounds tedious, but one important rule in genealogy, is to work with what you can document (not even what you "know" since family traditions are often exaggerated). is an excellent place to start, and browse through the millions of resources that are out there. That does include tutorials on how to start your own research, and do it reliably. Another free place is, under mail lists, where you can subscribe to lists for almost every country in the world. Network with persons who can tell you what records are there for Guatemala, and how to access those. If you focus on your grandfather, you should be able to locate accurate information on his birth, death, marriage, other children, etc. Don't overlook siblings in your research.. they can provide clues. When you have solid information about his family, his grandparents, so forth, then you have names and dates to compare to what you might find concerning any political relatives. "Jumping" ahead to Spanish records without solid links can be a waste of time and energy."
guero :

Who would win in a fight Aragon from Lord of the Rings or Achilles from Troy?

Helen :
"Aragon - fantastic character, he's got magic on his side"


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Date: 2008-02-04 21:20:00

A consortium of 12 businesses wants to build the biggest leisure complex in the world, "Gran Scala", on a 20 square kilometre site in the arid wilds of Aragon, complete with a pyramid and sphinxes and lush green golf courses.

Date: 2008-02-04 21:20:00

The government of Aragon region today signed an agreement worth a total of EUR 3 million with IBM (NYSE: IBM) and Ibermática for the technology upgrade of its regional health system. The project includes the expansion of Aragon's current system for economic and financial management technology, incorporating the Aragon Health Service. The new system

Date: 2008-02-04 21:20:00

Coach Luis Aragones recalled a largely unchanged squad Friday for Spain's final two European Championship qualifiers against Sweden and Northern Ireland. Aragones recalled Villarreal midfielder Marcos Senna to the team in place of Miguel Angel Angulo of Valencia, while Mallorca striker Daniel Guiza's six league goals earned him his first call-up.

Date: 2008-02-04 21:20:00

Something Old, Something New - Historically rich Aragon, Spain, is making a new name for itself as a destination for industrial investors needing a southern European location with room to grow.

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Aragón , in Spanish and Aragonese : Aragón , in Catalan : Aragó , is an autonomous community in the centre of north-eastern Spain . Its official name in Spanish is the ...

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