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Aquitaine (Occitan: Aquitània; Basque: Akitania) (archaic "Guyenne", Guienne; in Occitan: Guiana) is one of the 26 regions of France, in the south-western part of metropolitan France, along the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees mountain range on the border with Spain.Coordinates: 44°35′N, 1°00′E

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rocketman0739 :

Who were the famous ancestors of Eleanor of Aquitaine (if she wasn't the first famous one in the line)? Obvy, she had famous descendants (e.g. sons King Richard the Lionheart and Prince/King John) and not-so-famous descendants (me) but did she have illustrious ancestors?

Ted Pack :
"I looked her up on Then I looked at RWWC, for Eleanor b. 1122, and checked "has notes" and "has sources" because RWWC lets you display a pedigree. The datbase named "Kairos" looks good. Eleanor had a bunch of dukes in her ancestors and some kings, according to them." :
"Eleanor's parents were the future William X of Aquitaine and Aenor of Chatellerault and grand-daughter of the duke of Aquitaine then reining, William IX (Guilhem lo trobador). We probably never heard of them but they were famous in their time. (I got the info from a book I own)"
Yseult Corista :
"I believe Eleanor of Aquitaine was the first truly famous ruler of Aquitaine, but she was a descendent of Charlemagne (and Charles Martel, etc), and probably also of the Spanish royal line. There was so much intermarriage between the powerful that she was probably descended from many other famous people, who we can't trace. Remember that she was not only duchess of Aquitaine, but also Countess of Poiters (and I believe Toulouse), and Duchess of Gascony. She got those titles by descent, not conquest!"
Bill S :
"She links with Anglo-Saxon english rulers notably Alfred the Great and his grandfather Egbert who is acknowledged as the first king of a united England. She also through the Dukes of Aquitaine link with Charlemagne who is considered to be one of the most famous and powerful rulers during the early medieval period in europe"
Aggie B :

First of all, is this below correct? Also, please give me a little more information on Eleanor and how she was associated with Bordeaux, France. Eleanor of Aquitaine, who was born in 1122 in Bordeaux, married Henry the II of England, at the age of 15, which allowed Bordeaux to become English for three centuries. Bordeaux became French again after the Hundred Years’ War.

Nc J :
"You really need to do a little reading on your own. The story of Elanor of Aquitaine is fascinating...."
Starkissed :

What did Eleanor of Aquitaine wear? (1122-1204 AD) She was an English and French queen in the 12th century, and early 13th century.

rhosungjin :
"men's clothing"
Hannah :
"Probably some kind of medieval gown."


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Date: 2008-02-04 21:19:11

Aquitaine, France. All about the lovely Aquitaine region of France.

Date: 2008-02-04 21:19:11

Les stocks de sang en O négatif sont près de la zone d'alerte. Merci de vous rendre sur les collectes, et de diffuser l'information, ainsi que l'adresse des site du don du sang en Aquitaine - Limousin et en France.

Date: 2008-02-04 21:19:11

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