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Antalya (formerly known as Adalia; from Pamphylian Greek: Αττάλεια Attália) is a city on the Mediterranean coast of southwestern Turkey. It is the capital city of Antalya Province. The population of the city is 603,190 (2000 census).Situated on a cliff over the Mediterranean, Antalya is surrounded by mountains. Developments in tourism, starting in the 1970s, have transformed the city into an international resort. With its airport and central location, Antalya is a gateway for the Turkish Riviera and many historical sites. In 2007, Antalya Airport's number of passengers on internation

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sabrina T :

Do you know if there is a Gucci store in Antalya...???

Leprechaun :
"No, i don't think there's. Looks there's only one in Istanbul."
Missy :
"no there is only one in istanbul here is the adress: macka caddesi, macka palas 41 34367 Teşvikiye, Istanbul Tel: 0090 212 225 20 80 0090 is the code for turkey 212 is the code of istanbul rest is their number"
gary h :
"You could have a look in these and see if there's one mentioned"
Redcandy :
"If you're looking for an authentic Gucci store, then no...but they may have the knock-off of the brand downtown."
Pala Remzi :
"how about chanel or LC Waikiki?"
cimcime :
"no there is no Gucci store in Antalya... Just only in Istanbul"
andreas555 :
"There is Bucci, Lucci, and all the rest clothing imitations"
ancient :

i'm going to antalya next week.tell me about antalya.places, musts?

Tanju :
"Hi, Well, in fact it is a wide question. Something About Antalya; The city as a whole has grown huge now and the infrastructure such as roads and drains are struggling to catch up, but there are still areas that are very attractive indeed: Kaleiçi, with its narrow cobbled streets of historic Turkish and Greek houses is the old center of Antalya, now mainly hotels, gift shops, and many, many bars. The big new hotels such as the Sheraton are along the coast above the Konyaalti and Lara beaches, and indeed spread along the coast in both directions far beyond the city of Antalya itself. In summer the town is heaving with tourists both from Turkey itself and sun-seeking foreigners, many from Britain and Germany and for the last few years a large number from Russia as well. On summer evenings it is too hot and humid to sleep and Antalya hums with the sound of people buzzing around on scooters or cracking open seeds and nuts with their teeth as they parade the streets with their friends and families. In winter the town is cool and quiet. Antalya has now acquired a rich middle-class and the associated developments such as private colleges, and luxury cars. The tree-lined avenue along the cliff-top to Konyaaltı is one of Antalya's best-known locations, lined with luxury apartments and posh shops; the other major shopping street is Işıklar Caddesi. Antalya is not all wealth and glamour of course and there are large neighbourhoods of working families struggling to survive in this hot climate, where employment is seasonal. Reference : Wikipedia Regards"
Redcandy :
"You picked the best place...considering that I live there. Some things you'd want to see is the Beach Park which has restaurants, night clubs, and a carnival all along the beach side. You should also see the historical sites that surround Antalya. They would take about 15-20 minutes by car to get there, and it is well worth the trip. One popular place to see is Aspendos which isn't too far near Antalya. There are fabulous hotels that you must see out near the Lara district. I went to look at the hotels there and they are just so beautiful. They had a Japanese style hotel with a ferris wheel outback, which was really cool. You must also swim in the sea and also take a trip to the mountains that surround Antalya. They even have a restaurant on top of the one mountain that spins around and you can see practically the whole city. At night it's really beautiful when you're sitting at home and looking at the restaurant from below. Since it has light, it pretty much stands out in the night. Hope your trip goes well! :-)"
Archer :
"sea sun and sandy beaches"
nelaq :
"here's everything you need: "
gary h :
"Flick through this lot for a proper feel of the place"
Helen j :

Can anyone tell me how often the planes fly from Antalya to there a daily service? and how much will a ticket cost? Also from antalya to altinkum, how long is the coach trip. And has anyone visited Diyarbakir before, im going in january to a tiny village called erimli koyu, so if anyone has any knowledge of any of the above, just let me know ,,,,thanks

torcrhy :
"altinkum to antalya is a very long way it would take more than 5 hours. don't know much about antalya going in feb. if you going to turkey really nice place and people"
Goody! :
"Don't get me WRONG anyone. But I would go to another city like Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya anywhere else but not Diyarbakir or such. It is not touristic at all. You won't be able to find much things to do. But as you wish..."
Tanju :
"Hi, Please check this website; Antalya - Altinkum (Didim) = 360 Km. I have not been Diyarbakir and Erimli Koyu ... Welcome"
denyocan :
"not many foreigners and even Turks go to Diyarbakir. It`s a deserted place because of the terror going on, Nothing to see and not safe. I`m a Turk, and the easternmost point in Turkey I would go and feel safe is Capadokia."
t_maia2000 :
"Diyarbakir in winter is bound to be cold, just above freezing with plenty of snow and rain. Altinkum is on a small road on the shore of a lake, I think in order to get there you'll need to take the bus to Diyarbakir or Batman from Antalya and catch a shared taxi to Silvan in Diyarbakir or Batman. In Silvan you should then be able to hire a taxi. (I hope I got the right Altinkum - there are several in Turkey.) The distance from Antalya to Diyarbakir is roughly 1100 kms, the bus would take about 15 hrs to get there. As for flights, apart from Turkish Airlines check out Atlasjet, Onur Air oder Pegasus Airlines. They also fly to and from Antalya to destinations within Turkey. Atlasjet for example flies to Malatya and Van from Antalya, both cities would be alternative airports to get to Diyarbakir. It is 250 kms from Malatya to Diyarbakir, bus would take 3-4 hrs. However if you intend to fly direct to Diyarbakir it would be better to fly to Istanbul and change there. Travel agents in Istanbul can book you national flights for 1/6 of the book-from-abroad-price if you give them a call. I can highly recommend that you use a good guidebook for Turkey. I like the Lonely Planet series - maybe you can borrow it or get it used on amazon or ebay."
ottoman :
"Don't be put off visiting Diyarbakir, sure it is not Istanbul Or Ankara, all depends what you are looking for on holiday . i personally would love to visit places that are not that commercialised , i get that at home and in Europe . it is an experience to see how others live , good luck"
fidget :
"There are 3 or 4 flights a day from Antalya to Diyarbakir. See here for more info: It's probably about 10 hours from Antalya to Altinkum. I can't find any direct buses. Assuming you mean the Altinkum near Didim and not the one near Cesme, you'd probably have to get a dolmus from Soke. I've been to Diyarbakir and liked it. The locals are friendly. There's a lot of history and good food to be found there. It's off the beaten path - quite a contrast to both Antalya and (especially) Altinkum. It's more like "real" Turkey, perhaps. Village life in Turkey is an experience that some foreigners would find daunting. Congratulations on not being one of them. Good luck with your travels. I hope you have a good time."


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Date: 2008-02-03 13:43:41

Belek is a modern resort situated on the Mediterranean coast. Its warm climate and proximity to Antalya, in particular the City’s international airport, make it an ideal year-round golfing location,. The resort is set along a long, sandy beach which backs onto a forest of pine and eucalyptus trees, at the foot of the snow-capped Taurus Mountain..

Date: 2008-02-03 13:43:41

British Airways plans to launch a new service to the Antalya region on April 10th. The introduction of new flights to Turkey is set to trigger huge interest amongst overseas property buyers. In addition, after its purchase of GB Airways, EasyJet will soon begin offering services to the south coast of Turkey. A new airport is also...

Date: 2008-02-03 13:43:41

Turkish police have apparently prevented an attempt to assassinate the pastor of an evangelical church in the Mediterranean resort of Antalya, just two weeks after a Catholic priest was stabbed by a young suspect following Sunday Mass, BosNewsLife established Thursday, January 3.

Date: 2008-02-03 13:43:41

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