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Coordinates: 45°54′00″N, 06°07′49″EAnnecy (Èneci / Ènneci in Arpitan language) is a city in the Rhône-Alpes (Rôno-Arpes) region of east central France, on the shores of Lake Annecy, 22 miles south of Geneva.// AdministrationAnnecy is a municipality in the Haute-Savoie (Savouè d’Amont / Hiôta-Savouè) département, in the Rhône-Alpes région. It is the préfecture (capital) of the département.The metropolitan area of Annecy includes 13 municipalities.Annecy is the capital of three cantons:The Canton of Annecy-Centre is made up of a part of Annecy and has 15,344 inhabitants;

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snuk :

looking for a very nice place to stay with family on annecy lake in france.

love2travel :
"Hotel du Palais de l'Isle Check out the Annecy tips in our travelogue:"
Joe M :


2 shy :
"Annecy is a wonderful little town, built on Lake Annecy, which is reputed to have the cleanest water in Europe. Annecy is sometimes called the Little Venice of the Alps because of its canals. It is not on a grand scale like Venice however with big bridges, etc., it is basically a miniature. At the lake, which is right beside downtown" there are boats which will take you out on the lake. You can also swim on the other side. For me Annecy was best for it's swans which love to be fed, the chocolate shop, the cafes and little restaurants where you eat out in the open, on the cobblestoned allies. Many cafes are located right next to the canal that runs through town near the town Chateau. There are also small shops and a good street market where you can buy local pastries, dried sausages, cheeses, etc. (I believe the market was on the week-end). You can find fine dining if you wish. One that is recommended is L'Auberge de l'Eridan about 1 mile out from the town in a savoyard chateau. Depending on how much time you have, remember that Geneva, Switzerland is very close to Annecy as well as Albertville, the center of the winter olympics 1992. I hope that you have a fabulous time. I liked it there."
abuela Nany :
"Annecy is the capital of La Haute Savoie. A beautiful little town nestling on the edge of its own lake. There are many things to do and see... Boat trips along the lake, (Compagnie des Bateaux, 2 Place aux Bois) For example: A nice little trip to the village of Talloires, where every little restaurant is exquisite The Basilique de la Visitation, the main church. The Palais de l'Isle a former prison, now a lovely museum. The Chateau d'Annecy which overlooks the town and has a collection concerning local natural history. For food try any of the "Brasseries" in the center of town. The Savoyard cuisine is excellent, and any little restaurant will have something worthwhile on the menu. A good Fondue Sayoyarde (only if the weather isn't too warm!)... And a Gratin Savoyard (potatoes au gratin with local cheese) are excellent to accompany any meat... If you want to eat as you walk, try buying something at a TRAITEUR-CHARCUTIER, and nosh as you enjoy your walk around the center of town... Follow up with a pastry from one of the Patisseries..exquisite! Or a chocolate from one of the Chocolatiers (the best one in town is run by my daughter-in-laws uncle...but I'm not naming names!) The canals are lovely, (and don't smell like the ones in Venice). Also, you can drive to Geneva & Lausanne across the swiss border if you have the time for it...Or to Grenoble (where my son lives) & Chambery in the opposite direction. The view from la Cret de Chatillon mountain is also magnificent... Wherever you go, you will enjoy it all. Have a nice holiday in France!"
Anil :

Dear Friends, I will be travelling to Annecy, France and in this trip; I have to travel to 3 places of Italy 1. Lucca (Pisa), Milan and Vince of Italy and finally fly back to my country from Paris Airport. Can you please suggest how I can travel through these places? Can I travel through Euro rail to reach places? I mean does Euro rail goes to all these places? Look forward for your kind support.

conley39 :
"All of the places you've mentioned are on the train lines. From Annecy, you can get to Milan on the trains in about 6 to 7 hours depending on the specific trains. You'll have to change trains at least once (at Chambery-Challes). A good site for planning international train travel is:. For the Italian portion of your trip, you can use the Italian train website:. Milan to Pisa is around 4 hours. Pisa to Lucca is about 20 minutes. From Pisa to Venice takes about 4 and a half hours including a train change in Florence. There's a night train that runs from Venice to Paris. You can get a berth, sleep through the night and arrive at the Paris Bercy station (about a block from Gare du Lyon) at 8:47 in the morning (saving the price of a hotel for the night). There are frequently special prices on this route, but there aren't a lot of tickets available at the discounted price on any given train. Right now, you can get a berth for as little as 35 euro."


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In October 2007 I drove in France from Lake Annecy to Chamonix and stayed in a wonderful hotel in that town. The aerial tramway up to the peak Aguille du Midi was amazing. In the summer there are other tramways to other peaks as well as paragliding and mountain climbing. Chamonix is a skiing center (thewinter Olympics were held there in 1924).

Date: 2008-01-29 18:43:27

A great way to discover the outdoors. This journalist describes his initiation to flying a Para-glider in the Alps - 4500 feet above the ground suspended under a few metres of fabric.

Date: 2008-01-29 18:43:27

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Date: 2008-01-29 18:43:27

I just start to made map with good spot during the INTERNTATIONNAL ANIMATION FILM FESTIVAL ANNECY 2007USEFULL INFORMATIONNo more :)

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Annecy ( Èneci / Ènneci in Arpitan language) is a city in the Rhône-Alpes ( Rôno-Arpes ) region of east central France , on the shores of Lake Annecy , 22 miles south of Geneva

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