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Climbing expeditions Annapurna IAnnapurna I was the first 8,000-metre (26,200 ft) peak to be climbed. Maurice Herzog and Louis Lachenal, of a French expedition (including Lionel Terray, Gaston Rébuffat, Marcel Ichac, Jean Couzy, Marcel Schatz, Jacques Oudot, Francis de Noyelle), reached the summit on 3 June 1950. (See the documentary of the expedition "Victoire sur l'Annapurna" by Marcel Ichac).The south face of Annapurna was first climbed in 1970 by Don Whillans and Dougal Haston, members of a British expedition led by Chris Bonington which included the alpinist Ian Clough, who was ki

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MrOrange :

doing the 12 or so day trek on the annapurna circuit. Are the towns along the way pretty hospitable and are there plenty of accommodations along the way? such as hostels, guesthouses?

Tenzing l :
"MrOrange, Namaste!! Trekking in Nepal is always amazing and wonderful as you are able to see the beautiful mountains and be able to meet cooperative and people with smily face. While doing the annapurna circuit, there are very small towns with fewer number of shops and guest houses.. The accomodations along the way are very simple one.. somewhere you can find attached bathroom somewhere not, somewhere electricity and somewhere not, somewhere hot shower somewhere not... so this the final things,,.. however you'll always find a minor guesthouses all along the ways. Apart from it please don't forget to go along with the good trekking agency as it will be hard for you to follow the trials in the mountain and you can't find english speaking person everywhere. For detail intinerary please login to Regards, Tenzing A1 Excursion Tours and Travels"


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Interaktive Landkarte von Nepal mit allen wichtigen Orten, Bergen und Sehenswürdigkeiten von Nepal interaktiv in Satellitenansicht zum Zoomen. Zusätzlich GPS-Koordinaten der wichtigsten Orte in den Trekking-Gebieten von Annapurna, Mt. Everest und Langtang bzw. Gosainkund...

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The Annapurna Circuit is the most popular trek in Nepal. The entire trek lasts three weeks from start to finish, weather permitting. Most trekkers begin the trek out of Pokhara (about five hours outside of Kathmandu). From there one must obtain an easy-to-process permit in order to spend more than one night on the circuit.

Dean Jakson
Date: 2008-02-03 13:41:46

Granted the story is off of Reuters, but the splaying of the foot cast and the fact that the discoverers were Producers from SCIFI Channel........well...... But I want to believe

Date: 2008-02-03 13:41:46

Annapurna studios are entering into the television production with the serial

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Annapurna ( Sanskrit , Nepali , Nepal Bhasa : अन्नपूर्ण) is a series of peaks in the Himalaya , a 55-km-long massif whose highest point, Annapurna I, stands at 8 ...

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Annapurna Restaurant in the North Bay: Santa Rosa, California

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