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Coordinates: 36°54′N, 7°46′E

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Rhea :

I am trying to get someone to deliver some flowers for me.

Hades :
"I know someone that know someone that know someone that doesnt live in Algeria. but maybe the cousin of one friend of one friend of an uncle of my bestfriend's friend knows somebody in Algeria."
Cookie :

according to wesbite it is quite european - is it? Can women go to the beach?

FEZ™~Fresh& Tea-like :
"I've been to Morocco but not Algeria. In Morocco women can go to the beach. Algeria is more westernized than Morocco since it was under French rule for so much longer. I think you would be surprised by a lot of things in Algeria. I'm pretty sure you could go to the beach there too."


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Date: 2008-02-03 13:41:03

Site algéro-suédois de toutes sortes d'annonces online en Algérie dans toutes wilayas (alger, blida, tipaza, oran, annaba, constantine, sétif, boumerdès, bejaia, tlemcen, médéa, ...) pour toutes transactions (vente, achat, location, échange...) d'immobilier (logement, terrain...), voitures, vélos, informatique, électroménagers, électroniqu

Date: 2008-02-03 13:41:03

soirée live à Annaba

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