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Amman (pronounced ), sometimes spelled Ammann, is the capital city of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, a city of 2,125,400 inhabitants, and the administrative capital and commercial center of Jordan. It is the capital city of Amman Governorate.

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Marki :

Hi i might have to move to Amman in a few months time..first i want to know if they ahve god hospitals? private ones? with good doctors? i just need to know this coz i have a baby. so im a bit worried specialy since its close by to Iraq he he. HOw is life in general there> ahve u been or do u live in Amman? is it safe? i know somtimes there cld be a bomb cant help it but normally how is it like? do u alwya get to hear gun shots? wut abt the food/and supermarkets? are things like normal price? what abt night time? is it safe to go out on the road? how the pollution? pls let me know wutever u know. thank you.

shane88 :
"Amman, Jordan is one of the safest and wealthiest cities in the middle east. The Kingdom of Jordan is probably the most democratic and moderate Muslim nation in the region. So I'd find no reason to worry. ^^"
"i it is very wonder full country and the medicine very progressed over there go with closed eyes and enjoy"
Khaled Z :
"ok i'll asnwer ur Q's one by one: 1) yes there are good hospitals 2) yes many private hospitals, with good doctors it is close to Iraq, but 3) it's safe 4) no bombs 5) no you dont hear any gunshots 6) there's lots of good food (meats, veggies, fruits, bread...) in the supermarkets, and many supermarkets 7) food might tend to be a bit pricier than US (i dunno where ur from!), normally it depends on the supermarket... 8) night-time isn't much different than day-time, it's safe but as it gets late at night (midnoght and after) finding a taxi is a bit hard 9) not much pollution, just mostly on the main roads, u can smell the car exhaust there..."
abdullah11117 :
"amman is very good ideal place to live in...............very safe ,people very to walk day and night . high quality medication and best doctors. moderate wether in the summer . very safe on road ,yet it is mountains have to be good driver .some places open 24 hours to walk or ride at night . gun shots were heared earlier for wedding celebrations...........not forbidden ,fire crackers instead. resident of amman"
khalid a :

I'm traveling from u.s.a to Amman ,jorden I have sickle which recuires pain medications besides the mdes.I take with me can I have my filled perscriptions mailed to me in Amman,jorden.Meaning I would have someone in the states take my perscriptons from the docters office to the pharmacy and then the person would mabey fed x or whatever possible to me in Amman.can this be done ,kep in mind that they are for pain so they are narchotics

jojo :
"I believe there is no problem in mailing medications as long as they are packaged and labeled appropriately and all customs forms are filled out correctly. If you don't want to go through the hassle, your Dr can prescribe 2 months worth for travel reasons (depends on how long you'll be in Amman) I know this might surprise you but, the vast majority of medication in Jordan is over the counter, even antibiotics. However, Jordan has amazing pharmaceutical companies that produce all types of meds and are FDA regulated, and are much less expensive than what you would pay in the States. So, I personally would suggest taking whatever meds you have with you and a letter from your doctor with the scientific name of your medication and take it to Pharmacy1 (very advanced pharmacy, has many branches throughout Amman)..They'll probably be able to fill your prescription hope this helps"
whatever :

i was wondering if any one could help me with this subject.i know that there are buses that leaves every half an hour from amman to the airport but i need to know the spots that these buses leave from and vice versa(when it comes from the airport to amman).and i want to know if these busses are specially for the people who have airplane tickets or can any one ride them??...and the cost of the trip would be appreciated..thanx

imdashti :
"Check this link :"
natasha :
"Dear Asker, You have 2 options to go to Queen Alia International Airport. - Al-Abdali bus station. Located downtown Amman. You can ask any taxi driver to take you there. Once you are there ask one of the people who work there about the timing of buses. Al -Abdali buses will not ask you for tickets. - Seven Circle Royal Jordanian terminal. Located in west of Amman- Seventh circle/the Royal Jordanian building. If you are traveling anywhere, you will go there a day before - if you want- secure your luggages and the day after you will go there and the royal Jordanian transportation will take you to the Airport. & while you are in the building, you pay your tax and wight your luggages. So, the next day you will be able to reach the Airport smoothly. I did that before and it was so easy. & its all mentioned here in details: Good luck & have a safe flight"


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Date: 2008-02-03 13:29:55

"On Monday evening I was surprised by a visitor, bearing a package of sweets. Y. had arrived from Beirut. In the morning, she had taken off from Lebanon, then Amman and then she landed at Ben-Gurion International Airport. Had it not been for her four-hour delay at the airport here, the trip could have been quite short..."

Date: 2008-02-03 13:29:55

Madurai is the city which has several historical temples, in which Sri Meenakshi Amman Temple is more famous.

Date: 2008-02-03 13:29:55

(By Aishah Schwartz) 62-Day Struggle Finally Over As Family Reunites in Amman, Jordan WASHINGTON, DC – Dr. Mohamed Hegazy, whose wife, Sohair (36), and daughters Somaya (19), Asma (18), Israa (15), and sons, Sohaib (14), and Mos’ab (11), were stranded and waiting 62-days to be evacuated from the Gaza Strip, have been reunited in Amman, Jordan.

Date: 2008-02-03 13:29:55

You could call George Habash, a Palestinian leader who died in Amman on Saturday at the age of 82, the godfather of Middle East terrorism.

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Amman ( pronounced [ɑˈmɑːn] ), sometimes spelled Ammann ( Arabic عمان ʿAmmān ), is the capital city of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan , a city of 2,125,400 inhabitants ...

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