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Amalfi occupied a high position in medieval architecture; its cathedral of Sant' Andrea, of the eleventh century, the campanile, the convent of the Capuccini, founded by Cardinal Capuano, richly represent the artistic movement prevailing in Southern Italy at the time of the Normans, with its tendency to blend the Byzantine style with the forms and sharp lines of the northern architecture. Burial place of Saint AndrewThe Catholic Encyclopedia notes that Saint Andrew's relics were brought from Constantinople to Amalfi in Campania, by the Amalfitan Pietro, cardinal of Capua, in 1210 after the co

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sb290176 :

Hi, i am planning a honeymoon vacation in the amalfi coast region in october. i am not sure how to divide my time in the region.Should i be spending 3 days in positano and 2 or 3 days in ravello/amalfi. or should i base myself out of positano and cover the entire region? Would i be able to make a day trip to pompie from positano? I have kept 3 days for capri. Please suggest

monica.depp :
"Amalfi is far more popular than Positano. I would spend more tiem there. For Vacation Villa Rentals in Italy, use Fonisol's Services. is for Amalfi Coast, where you can start from. Ciao Monica"
kaibebe :
"I would base yourself in Positano, and then go from there: the weather is the same, but there are fewer tourists and hotels cost less. And yes, Pompeii is nearby and easily accessible from Positano."
Sabrina_ :
"Alright, well I have been to all the places you've mentioned, this is what I suggest: spending 3 days in Capri sounds good because once you're there, you can't really get around. While you are on the island of Capri you can go shopping ( obviously), go to the beach, visit around.. it's just so beautiful there and expensive! hehe Secondly, whether you decide to stay a bit in Ravello or Amalfi or even Positano it will not be a big problem for you to get around because just by taking a bus or a taxi in about 20 mins you'll get from Ravello to Amalfi ( for example) or Positano to Amalfi... What matters the most between those 3 places is that you find the best place where you would like to stay. Here's a suggestion This is a bed & breakfest in Ravello, the place where I stayed at for 3 days last summer, just amazing. The people were very nice and it simply had a great feel to it! Getting to Pompei from either one of those 3 places will not be too hard because you can just take a bus in the morning and another one at night.. Pompei is a must see, keep one day to visit it! It's a spectacular sight once you're there, I really mean that : ) If ever you want any suggestions of other places to see around the region or places where you wanna shop, or just whatever, you can contact me, it would be a pleasure! I've always said that the Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful places on earth and I don't know if you've ever been, but you certainly won't regret it! Enjoy it, it truly is unforgettable"
mona :
"go to positao not far from everything u want to do"
petetolman :
"Amalfi and postitano are a short distance away very scenic very pretty - all beaches a long walk down & back and not very sandy - The island of Capri is also pretty close depends what you wat really ! all very pretty very friendly"
momofboys :
"We stayed in a beautiful hotel in Ravello called Hotel Giordano that had rooms beatifully decorated in local tile. There is a 5-star there called Hotel Palumbo that has beautiful views. There is a beautiful garden there as well that looks out over the water, although I am not sure what will be blooming in October. And don't forget to drink the Limoncello!!! (Best chilled) Before you go, try to rent "It Started in Naples" with Sophia Loren and Clark Gable. It is filmed mostly on Capri and you will find that little has changed since then!!"
R.T.D. :

I'm heading to the Amalfi Coast in August. We're staying in Cetara. Do you know of any good restaurants in the town or surrounding area (Amalfi, Maiori, Minori, Vietri sul Mare)? Thanks.

isabellarossa :
"Well, its not something you have to worry about until you arrive really. I've been and just ate at some sea front restaurant we passed by that had wonderful views. It was fabulous...the company, weather, view and food"
elaineke2002 :
"Dpends on how much you want to spend, where you want to eat and what you want to eat really but here are some nice cheapish places! Trattoria Il Teatro Via E. Marini, 19 Amalfi Ristorante Al Pesce d'oro via Augustaricco Amalfi Ristorante Da Nino Via F. Cerasuoli, 2 Maiori Ristorante - Osteria S. Maria Via D. Taiani, 15/bis Maiori Ristorante La Taverna del Leone Via Laurito, 43 Positano Ristorante Marina grande delle repubbliche, 4 Amalfi Ristorante Pizzeria Al Convento P.zza S. Francesco, 15 Cetara Ristorante La Cianciola P.zza Cantone, 13 Cetara Ristorante Mareluna Via Costiera Amalfitana, 58 Vietri sul Mare Cucina Casalinga D'Andria (EXCELLENT!!!!!) Via G. Mazzini, 131 Vietri Sul Mare Ristorante La Botte Via S. Maria Cetrano Minori I have eaten in al these restaurants and can recommend them all!!!!!!! Have a nice holiday and remember that Amalfi in August is very busy so try to get there early (before 9) to be sure of a table if you don't book!"
cindra :
"You need to make reservations early, early, early at any restaurant during that time of year."
Junko :
"The best restaurants are in Positano"
Il fabbro :
"Listen to me... I do non make copy and paste. I leave in Naples and know enough Amalfi coast. Naturally there are plenty sites to see, to go and enjoy panorama, fine restaurants, paradisiac places. But if you are just in a hurry i suggest you the best place in the universe to go, if you are not afraid of Stendhal syndrome :-))). Go Ravello is 3 Km up of Amalfi reacheble by bus and taxi. You can click the link on bottom. I want say only this: J.F. Kennedy (among hundreds of world vip) was estonished of it beauty. In spite of it's beauty prices are really normal."
shoes :
"1 town north of amalfi is positano.find the agave hotel and have dinner there .order the frito misto(assorted small fried fish)i was in italy for a month strait,all over the place and the agave had the best food by far i ate there 3 times also in positano on the water is chez black they had the best scampi in italy(and i dont mean shrimp)"
living_in_the_past_64 :

My wife and I are going to Italy in June, and apart from the usual Rome, Florence and Venice gig, we are planning to spend a few days in the Tuscan countryside, plus get a bit of the coast - we are debating between going to Cinque Terre for a day or two, or to the Amalfi Coast/Sorrento/Capri for a couple of days. Which one would you guys recommend? Ideally, we would like to do both, but we have time constraints.

Toto :
"you know, the best way to find out is to go on and ask people in "Italian language" or "Europe for Visitors"."
fastball16 :
"I would say Cinque Terre for you. You're closer to Cinque Terre from the Tuscany region, this is important if you have a time constraint. Cinque Terre is more enjoyable to explore. The whole areas make a great hike and romantic getaway compared to the busy Amalfi coast. But, if you're interested in the beach and being with beautiful people and sights...Amalfi would be nice and beachy."
samsnedecker :
"The Amalfi Coast has nicer hotels than the Cinque Terre but you will closer to the Cinque Terre. The Cinque Terre is known for the hiking trails along the coast. The Amalfi Coast has beautiful seaside views but the actual "beach" is very rocky. It's a long way to travel from the Cinque Terre to the Amalfi Coast if you only have a few days to spend there. If you looking a beach experience head the Italian Riviera - like Portofino. Wherever you go it will be crowded!"
nicoleinitaly2001 :
"i would definitely visit cinque terre. you can either take the train from town to town or hike it..... this area is my favorite region in italy and i used to live there and traveled extensively through the north and south. the people are very friendly and the views are absolutely breathtaking. also, if you are heading to cinque terre from rome or florence you can stop in genoa - the birthplace of pesto sauce. yummy......enjoy!"
erre (it) :
"cinque terre is better"
athene115 :
"Amalfi Coast is absolutely beautiful. Sorrento was a really cute city and I'd stay there. From their port, you can catch a boat to Capri. You can also take the train up to Naples, or rent a car and drive along the coast line. You wouldn't regret it. Don't forget to try the Limoncello (lemon liquor) that the region is known for!"
QAyahoo :
"That's a tough choice since both are beautiful and distinctly different enough from each other. If time is an issue, then you'd be better off staying north and going to Cinque Terre. For all practical purposes, that would make the most sense. Otherwise, you could do a 2-3 day trip down to the Amalfi Coast from Rome."


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The Amalfi Coast - La Costiera Amalfitana, is a stretch of coastline on the southern side of the Sorrentine Peninsula of Italy (Province of Salerno), extending from Positano in the west to Vietri sul Mare in the east.

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Hotels, Villas, B&B, Accommodation in Amalfi Ravello Positano

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Alberghi, Ville e B&B, Accommodation in Amalfi Ravello Positano

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kevin farrar

Date: 2011-08-24 08:53:09

I just looking forward to my holiday in October,will start in Tuscany and take the train to Amalfi.Also 2012 will be going for 3 months in Tuscany to live.

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