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People and cultureFamous natives of Almería include Nicolás Salmerón, who in 1873 was the third president of the First Spanish Republic, and several musicians, like the popular folk singer Manolo Escobar, reputed Flamenco guitar player José Tomás "Tomatito" and Grammy Award winner David Bisbal, record-breaker album seller in America and Spain. Although administratively annexed to the Autonomous Community of Andalucia, in Southern Spain, some people of the province have shown a clear desire for regional autonomy in different referendums. The island effect produced by the geographical sit

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Almeria's players were left fuming with Atletico Madrid striker Sergio Aguero at the end of Sunday night's 0-0 draw. At the final whistle, Aguero reportedly complained: "How can we lose two points to such a team?" Upon hearing the comments, several Almeria players confronted Aguero, including defender Jose Ortiz. Aguero, refusing to back down, snapped back: "Ortiz? Who is Ortiz?" Almeria striker Alvaro Negredo admitted the bust-up did occur when interviewed after the match: "We do not like this type of behaviour. We're a modest team, but deserve respect." WHAT DO YOU THINK? SHOULD HE BE PUNISHED??

♥Kely_Biatch♥ :
"Nah, but that was a bit rude."
Galoucura09 :
"i cant read remember?"
El Gato - de la Rosa :
"If that's true, then he is full of himself, and needs to be knocked down a peg. I'm sure the smaller teams have tried and true methods of dealing with inflated egos of A-team stars, and in this case (sorry to Stefy, et al in advance) B-team primadonnas. If its public, it will be dealt with within the league."
Crazy NORTH :
"Ah and i thaught he is really nice person who sticks with his level. He is one of most talented players in the world but that does not give him right to offend Almeria players if i were on they're places i would kick the guy's @ss!!!"
Pepe :
"i would say the something lol especially because of the way almeria played omg they played the gay way"
Stefy! :
"All I have to say is.... AUPA ATLETI!!!! But if he did say that it's wrong! He needs to be popped from his little cloud that makes him think he is superior. I really can't imagen him saying anything in offence I'm sure it was a moment of anger. And to be truthful when a language is translated it can change a lot... but anywho if he said it in the way it seems then he better not let it get to his head! As for the the Ortiz part.... Maybe he just didn't know Ortiz... Ok I'm not gonna make excuses! But don't punish the team for a player!"
Rafa! :
"typical Argentine!!! They are all the same"
Milan99 :
"Yes! well see this Sergio Aguero want others to respect him and his club while he doesn't respect others. I'd agree with the quote of Negredo. Atletico are pretty good but this Aguero made me disrespect him sooo much, what a sportsmanship showed by a very good player?"
s0ca :

I have a filght to Alicante in April and have to get to Almeria. What is the cheapest and best way to get there? Should I travel by bus, car, train or is there a possibility of car-pooling :) ? I have also plans to visit Africa for few days I saw it is possible to go from Alicante to some of Africa ports and return from Africa to Almeria by ferry but I cannot find any timetables and prices for August. Do you have any experiences with such trip? Any answers appreciated! Cheers Agata

Conoco :
"The ferry company to North Africa from Alicante is the link below, but North Africa from Almeria is better. The ferry company is called Trasmediterranea. There is no train to Almeria from Alicante. Bus will be your best option."
Rafa L :
"You have direct bus from Alicante airport to Murcia every 2 hours starting at 9:15 (on weekdays you also have one at 7:15 and weekend ona more at 20:15). Price is 7,63 euros. Then take another bus from Murcia to Almeria (around 8 daily services). It costs around 17 euros. Company for both trips is Alsa. From Almeria, there are direct ferries to Melilla (Spain), Nador (Morocco) and Ghazaouet (Algeria). From Alicante there is a route to Oran (Algeria). In the Transmediterranea website you have prices and timetables."
diamond_4v :

Is there a bus available from Albox to the city of Almeria and from Almeria back to Albox? If so, what time does the bus leaves? Is there a site for more information and possiblities like what time, what bus, which route, how many stops and how much will it cost, just from Albox to Almeria and back. Thank you.

Brian H :
"There is a coach stop in Albox, from there you can get to Almeria without much trouble, however the journey can take some time as the coach stops at all the villages along the way. I have a car and don't use public transport, there will be one or two coaches a day. Price reasonable. That's all I know about them. You could look for a web site in Spain that will give you all you want to know. Albox is inland from Almeria ( I know both towns ), and is a real dump, too many British, to hot and too barren. Much of this area is desert and being developed at a fast rate. Many properties are illegal and will have to come down. If your intension is to stay in Spain keep well clear of the area of Albox. Almeria is a coastal resort and very nice, I enjoy going there when I can. You could send me an email for more info, I live here in Spain."


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Date: 2008-02-03 13:22:26

Its strange how Hope chose to resurrect itself from its deep slumber now and then. Barcelona's title hopes were revived yesterday by the most unlikeliest source of it all - Almeria.

Date: 2008-02-03 13:22:26

Real Madrid's eight-match winning run in the Primera Liga came to an end on Saturday when they lost 2-0 at an ambitious and classy-looking Almeria.

Date: 2008-02-03 13:22:26

Almeria upsets Real Madrid with a 2 - 0 win at the Estadio Mediterráneo. This way Real open the door for Barca's re-entry in the battle for the La Liga. Watch the highlights for tonight's match here.

Date: 2008-02-03 13:22:26

ALMERIA, February 1 (Primera Liga) - Almeria coach Unai Emery insists his side are looking at Saturday's clash with Primera Liga leaders Real Madrid as ``just another game.''

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Almería is the capital of the province of Almería , Spain . It is located in southeastern Spain on the Mediterranean Sea and all its area is an important Mediterranean resort.

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Information about travel and tourism in Andalucia, Spain. The city of Almeria. ... The hilltop Alcazaba's hefty walls and towers dominate the city and command ...
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