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Alicante (Spanish language) or Alacant (Valencian) is a city in Spain, the capital of the province of Alicante and of the comarca of the Alacantí, in the southern part of the Valencian Community. It is also a historic Mediterranean port. The population of the city of Alicante proper was 322,431, estimated as of 2006, of the entire urban area, 434,505, ranking as the second-largest Valencian city. Population of the metropolitan area (including Elche and satellite towns) was 725,395 as of 2006 estimates, ranking as the eighth-largest metropolitan area of Spain.Alicante is one of the fastest-gr

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Gardenclaire :

In a couple of weeks time will be landing into Alicante, and driving south-west down the A37 and N301 (by the look of it . . .) to visit friends about 4 hours away. We land into Alicante too late to drive to their place, and it would be nice to stay somewhere on the way, perhaps about 1 hour drive away from the airport. Any ideas would be great. I like the idea of a little town with a small hotel or a nice guest house, where we can pull in and drop our bags and just wander out on foot & get a beer and a bite to eat, to relax into our holiday without having to trek all the way to our friends place and arrive late at night! I can't really afford to spend tooo much. B&B where I live in Ireland is about 25-40 euros per person per night, not sure about Spain. I'd like to pay around 50-60 for the two of us really, max. Less if possible! Any locals or experts out there with a tip? I'd be very grateful!!!

smartcook1e :
"Valencia, or if you prefer somewhere smaller, Dolores, Daya Nueva or Almoradi. Try getting a 'Rough Guide to Spain' for more detailed info or more choices"
milko :
"try travel republic ,//////////////////////////"
flunkywoman :
"There are stacks of hotels on the ouskirts of Alicante with prices around 40€ per night, Alicante itself is a lovely place to spend a little time in, great shops, El Cortes Ingles, bit like John Lewis, and lots of excellent individual shops in the old part of the town. Just get on the N332 towards Alicante and you will see hotels just before you get into Alicante, if arriving quite lateish, best to do this, then travel when refreshed and revived the next day in daylight, so you can better see where you're going The first person who answered on here is a little off, Valencia is north of Alicante and is a two hour drive and a nightmare for anyone driving there for the first time"
nilechnylasor :
"The New Pension Santa Fe is 20 to 22 euros per night, steaming showers, and in the enclave of Los Boliches, just south of Malaga, with a train with announcements in English, as well as Spanish. It is a small clean (hate to use the word resort), I use it en route to Morocco all the time. Local Spanish food, plus the usualy English, and also Swiss German Indian, but the place is well run, and clean, and yob free in the winter months, but still warm."
Cheryl H :

What is the best way to Alicante airport to Valencia, am travelling to the motogp in november and dont know whether to hire a car, or if trains or buses would be better - I have about 3 hours each way to play with? I tried to fly into Valencia, but no-one flies from Belfast - we're lucky if we can get away from Northern Ireland :)

The Villar Queen :
"Hi, just answered your other question! If you are coming from Alicante you can get the train to Valencia, but if you are hiring a car come from Alicante heading north on the A7 to Valencia, take the A3 heading towards Madrid and come off the Cheste/Chiva turning and directions are posted all the way to the Circuit."
Hugo Fitch :
"With only three hours you'd best hire a car at the airport and whiz north up the toll motorway. I'd allow at least two hours for this, though I haven't done that journey for a while! The trains and buses are generally good but with a strict time limit why risk missing one?"
dubie :
"From Alicante, Valencia is about 1-1,30 hours drive. However, if the train times are good, you may be better off getting a train because there will be lots of traffic in the city and it is not easy to park. Check for train information. The train takes about 2 hours."
Encantar :
"Why not fly into Valencia, Easyjet fly there from Bristol, Stansted and Gatwick. It would save you 3 hours each way if nothing else."
king_f0r_a_day :

I was wondering where are the closest camps to the city of Alicante, so I can leave my caravan there and walk (or take a bus) to the centre or the beach.

Kellie_in_CA :
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