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The Algarve is the southernmost region of mainland Portugal, incorporating, amongst other localities, the towns of Faro, Albufeira, Lagoa, Lagos, Loulé, Olhão, Portimão, Quarteira, Silves, Tavira, and Vila Real de Santo António. The Algarve is one of the Regions of Portugal according to NUTS II subdivisions.

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Seeker :

Hi everyone, Im visiting western Algarve for the 1st with a friend, 1st week of april and we are totally lost. i have been researching on the internet for weeks about places to visit and its has left me more confused than ever! We are definately going to Lagos first and after which we have time for 2 more places. I am keen on carvoeiro it sounds great. Anymore suggestions.? I have looked in to alvor, praia da rocha (but am worried it might b too highrised and tacky with the development). This is sort of what we are looking for: 1. Most important.. Beautiful Beaches 2. NO concrete jungles with high rises! 3. However since we both are in are 20s we would like a bit of a nightlife.. nothing hectic, just a few lively bar options, without the trashiness and maybe some young ppl :) Sorry for the high demands :) but we've been waiting for this trip to algarve for a long time! Any suggestions would be seriously appreciated. Any tips on bars restaurants, esp. Accommodation in Lagos? Thanks! :) Hey thank you guys for the help.. however im we're not too keen on albufeira.. its sounds like too much.. hopefully something little less touristic? Any opinions on alvor (is it too empty?) or praia da rocha? Haha sorry .. All help appreciated! :) Hi guys, Thanks again.. Tavira sounds great but think we´re going to stay on the west coast. Sagres sounds good.. think it might b a toss up between there and alvor.. any suggestions dont really know too much bout either. and just so.. how far is tavira from faro airport and carvoeiro. Thanks ppl! Besos!

Wiz :
"Albufeira old town but some of new town ok lovely beaches all round Algarve cant go wrong really"
xkayleepx :
"did you get it as a package holiday? if yeah, then you'll have a travel rep so they will tell you about day trips out etc x"
Charlotte J :
"carvoeiro is beautiful, i stayed there several years ago! the beach is lovely, silves castle is beautiful and monchique is worth a look too!! have fun!"
Barry E :
"I would recommend Albufeira. There are some lovely beaches in that area and in terms of concrete jungle it is not too bad. The city has some good history and its not trashy but you will find some nightlife. One bar i liked was Erins Isle Irish Bar in Albufeira. I booked accommodation with You can also try if you want to youth hostel it."
experienceportugal :
"Hi!! wow! that's a lot of questions!!! here's any easy answer, xek my blog, i have an article i wrote about the algarve and things to do and...loads of links!!! Have Fun!!!"
Alyosha :
"Hello! I live in Portugal and go to the Algarve a couple of times a year. Even the worst places are not too bad by Costa del Sol standards... If you're staying in Lagos you'll inevitably encounter a bit of mass tourism, but compared to places like Albufeira (going by your question, I would tell you avoid it completely!) it's not too bad. Carvoeiro's OK but again it has lots of villas and one or two big hotels. The quietest, best places in the Algarve are the far west (Sagres) and the far east (from Tavira to the Spanish border) For what you want, I would recommend Sagres, right on the southwestern tip of Portugal. Stunning scenery, nice town, beautiful beaches and cliffs. It also has some bars and stuff for nightlife, and a laid back surfing scene. Check it out and have fun! If you go east, check out Monte Gordo, Praia Verde, and Vila Real do Santo Antonio on the border, and take a ferry ride over to spain for some shrimps and beer in Ayamonte (full of spanish and portuguese, not at all package touristy)"
toto :
"praia da rocha is a lovely place got back from there last week the beaches are amazing,there are high rises but some of them are 22 years old as it was one of the first places in the Algave to have tourists;they have done a lot of work to make the beach more accesible as the cliffs are high.lots of wildlife wonderful flora ans fauna wild orchids etc there are plenty of places to go evenings bars restaurants on the beach too ,lovely friendly people and on good transport routes."
huvgj :
"Tavira is great for a non-tourist option, but only one night club i'm afrad......The Tavira Island is buzzing in the summer with young backpackers but not sure if that will be open so early in the year."
Carlos L :
catmad :
"I know you said that you didnt fancy Albufeira but i recently got back from there nearly 2weeks ago and it is really nice at this time of year as opposed to the middle of summer when it is like Blackpool with sunshine. If you go there in April it will not be too touristy, it has beautiful beaches and when i went had beautiful weather to!! The old town is lovely and really worth visiting even if you only spend a day or 2 there."
donna :
"I went to Algarve many years ago now. can't remember if any beach was the best of all of them, just remembered the slabs of concrete leading from the path to beach coz the sand was too hot to stand on! oh and watch out for the traders on the streets they follow you for miles trying to get you to buy what ever it is there selling, that got on my nerves hopefully you wont have that. Where ever you stay around the Algarve they celebrate most evenings with fire works food and music quite late. Best thing to do is find an English person when you get there and ask or go on-line type - things to do in Portugal good luck and hope you have a good time. x"
redflyingc :

any 1 know how much a pint is in the algarve and how much is eating out....and any tips.....just about to book it

spottymuldoon :
"sorry do not know price of a pint, but just came back from there last week. beer is cheap and wine also. you can pay a lot or a little to eat out. watch for the pricing on some sizzling stone steaks, you pay by weight of the meat. also some "places" do this with fish, ( no pun intended). watch out also for time share scouts in the old town. and if you want the best and worst night out, go to the Portuguese night. it was so cxxp it was is fab.also have a look at a really good site with lots of info. have a great time."
mybetterday :
"hi we came back about a month ago now. Beer small is about 1-2 euro wine house 1 euro a glass Look out for the tourist menus a meal for about 7 euros great value for a three course meal we stayed at playa de rocha the beach is great. If you haven't booked look at travel great value for money you can book as a package or separate flight/hotel/transfers. If you intend going on excursions don't book at the hotel go to one of the local shops the same excursion is often a lot cheaper. Have a great time if there is room in your suit case let me know!!!!"
Margarida L :
"By "a pint" you mean those large glasses or mugs of beer, right? Well, you can have small glasses at € 1,00 or large ones at € 2,00 or € 2,50. Don't forget that the cost of living in Algarve is very high in the summer. If you want to have cheaper holidays you really must not come here in August/September. Try June or early July. The prices are a lot cheaper in the hotels and restaurants and also for tickets (shows, promenades), and you have good weather already. Eating out is expensive. You must count with € 20,00 each person (the minumum) in August, if you want a decent meal. But try to run away from those shinny places where everybody goes. Those are tourist traps. The prices are very high and the quality of the food is not always the best, although the authorities are on them. Spy the locals, see where they go. The locals know where people can eat best and cheaper. The small fisherman's restaurants near the harbour have the best fresh fish and they offer often low prices. In the fall or winter, things are completely different (except for the New Year's Eve...). Most restaurants offer decent meals for an honest price, but once again, the best ones are the ones where the locals go. Mind that some beach restaurants are only open during the summer. Portuguese use to say that they work in the summer and in the winter they go and apply for money from the government because most don't like to work. LOL That's because we have so many foreigners working in Portugal LOL The best hotels are the 5 stars, like Tivoli Marinotel. But they are very expensive in the summer. Make a google search by "hotels in Algarve" and you'll be given a big choice and you can see the prices. Less than 4 stars is for students and people who really can't afford a best one, because 3 stars is generally a very bad hotel here, with no privacy and lots of africans making noise and such."
aggatha79 :

Hi there!Me and my mate want a beach long weekend break and are considering those two locations. We want to avoid tacky places and generally the whole England transferred to a resort reality this is why we are going for Ibiza town instead of Saint Antonio. But we are also considering Algarve-Albufeira...Which of the two places would you recommend?In few words we want; a nice beach, nice scenery and good nightlife We don't want; a place where beans on toast will be available as part of the breakfast option :-)

maj-len :
"I suggest Algarve, it´s a beautiful place, many tourists there of course, but the nightlife and the beaches are great. The island Ibiza is a place for youth who party all the time and drugs are used to the extent that it´s just dangerous. There is just more to see in Algarve than in Ibiza. My suggestion is definitively Algarve. Have a great weekend break."
Ruth :
"I think that the Algarve has a lot of what you want- beautiful sandy beaches that stretch for miles, interesting scenery and whitewahed villages- once you start to explore its easy to see the traditional Portugal behind the more touristy areas. At night there are lots of different clubs and bars to choose between and the Algarvians love to party so you should meet lots of locals as well as other visitors- assuming that you don't choose somewhere reallly touristy for example an Irish theme pub! Having said all that Albufeira is the most touristy, full English breakfasty bit of the Algarve (along with Portimao)! If possible I'd recommend that you go a little further west perhaps to Lagos or Carvoeiro- there's still lots to do and great beaches but they have a lot more character. You can use this site to explore a map of portugal and get some inspiration! Have a great holiday"
experienceportugal :
"Hi! I like Albufeira, especially the zoo marine,,Albufeira is a good choice. plus the algarve is small so you can visit various towns and pick the best spots! for more on the algarve xek out my blog!!"
maotana :
"To be really honest I would skip both of these places is the idea is to get a place where beans on toast will be available as part of the breakfast option! Overall Algarve will be less touristic then Ibiza but it's still one the main summer destinations for the UK people, no? In Spain, I would rather try Menorca (Formentera would be even better!); in Portugal (Algarve) I would give a go to Lagos"


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Date: 2008-02-03 13:18:52

Espectacular site para procurar informação sobre vivendas no algarve. Encontrei aqui a minha moradia no Algarve depois de procurar um pouco. O design gráfico é óptimo e até consegui ver a minha casa em slideshow. um dos melhores portais que já visitei.

Date: 2008-02-03 13:18:52

Encontrei este site quando procurava comprar casa no Algarve. Adorei a estrutura do site. Tem imensas fotografias e imóveis no Algarve e ainda encontrei os contactos das principais mediadoras imobiliárias no Algarve. Sem dúvida um link a reter e a aconselhar.

Date: 2008-02-03 13:18:52

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Date: 2008-02-03 13:18:52

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