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Albufeira, is a Portuguese city and a municipality in the district of Faro, Algarve region. The city proper has a population of 19,500. The municipality has a population of 35,281 inhabitants and a total area of 140.6 km². The population expands significantly in the summer, as Albufeira is one of the leading tourist resorts of the region. Facilities include a marina, golf courses plus innumerable hotels, apartment blocks, restaurants and bars, for the annual flood of visitors.

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bluebird :

can anyone tell me what the difference between 'the strip' and the 'centre of albufeira' are, in the algarve? im interested in going on holiday with my friends in summer, and want to stay at a hotel close to somewhere with some nightclubs and bars. any help very welcome! thanks x

bartofsky :
izo :
"Both are great, the old town is by far the prettiest with the better beach, the nightlife is great in both, the strip is for the younger ones more than the families.. though don't get me wrong.. the center is just as great.. you will find better food in the old town as well, taxis are dead cheap so you can flit between the two easily.. have a fantastic time.. i used to live there and miss it like mad!! old are you??? (thinking maybe the strip is better for you.. don't go to the janelas de mar though.. nice hotel but its not really staggering distance and the rd is dark and"
"Hi I went last year and found that the centre was a 5 min taxi ride from the strip. The strip comes alive at night and also the old town is good too but obviously not as many clubs."
Ammer22 :
"was there last year and stayed just of the strip, check globespan for valmanguide jardin, self catering with a lovely quiet pool. close to everything and you can always get a taxi if not. also day trips to gibralta? fantastic restarants in the old town, if you go try the bank, if not for a meal then a drink! beware lots of beggers tho....."
Mrs. Miller :

I'm going to Albufeira in late March with some friends and would appreciate some tips on where to go & what to do. I've searched the net and the suggestions i've seen are quite confusing to be honest. We're going to be staying near Santa Eulalia beach so that's one thing to do (I love beaches which is why i chose Albufeira) but what else can 5 23year olds do (apart from enjoy the nightlife in the 'Strip'!)? Can you suggest some nice places to visit, things to see, places to shop? And is transport v expensive (both taxis and buses)? Thanks in advance x

Xloortje! :
"Hi!! I've been there, and it's great! Go have a look at the ocean it's beautiful! And check out the boulevar! Greetz, Xloortje"
"In Portugal closer to the beach means is more expensive. For cheap stuff try the street markets. Have fun."
sarge :
"have a night in the old town,also taxi,s and buse,s are cheap.try car hire very reasonable"
rob h :
"You will find it a bit quiet in march for 5 23 year olds the beaches where you are staying are great you need to hire a car though because taxis can take only 4 people unless its a people carrier, you will get a weeks car hire for about 100 pound try Auto prudente or zitautos but only when you are here because they have pay 3 drive 5 offers on which are not on the net. Visit Silves, Lagos, Alte, Vilamoura, and Quartiera market Wed, Loule market Sat morning when you don't have your car go to Seville on a day trip with paradise tours cheapest in town I would not drive because you have to pay extra insurance on your car hire as Seville has a high crime rate and the criminals look out for Algarve hire cars to break in to so do a guided tour, DO NOT but any cigs from a street person because they will be fake only buy from a proper shop ie Soares or The Why Not outlets, if you need a minibus try my mate Frank at enjoy"
murphywingedspur :
"Albufeira has a great beach, but also check out Vilamoura...this has a beautiful marina surrounded by bars and restaurants, and also have a ride out to Lagos which has a fabulous beach, and Quatera too. I have to say though, I hope your hotel has an indoor pool, or at least a heated outdoor pool. The sea and outdoor pools are freezing at that time of year."
Vania C :
"i've been there!! you should go to the zoomarine it close to albufeira and its great"
PrincessPeterson :
"The beach there is great and there are a lot of watersports and things. The best shopping centre is called the forum algarve and is near Faro. There is a big water park called slide and splash. There is lots to do and hope you have a good holiday!"
josephrob2003 :
"the restaurants are good,but beware how you order,or you will end up with enough food to feed an army,they serve it on a platter,so easy to share out among your friends, their sardines are their speciality.,and of course chicken piri piri The bus's are cheap,do go on the boat trips around the caves. have a nice time"
loo69 :

Hi all ! Me and my girlfriend want to travel to portugal next week and i want to ask if someone knows which is the best place for a five day holidays. Albufeira or Portimao ?

meloncat :
"I can't tell you anything about Portimao but i would recommend against Albufeira unless you are big into the "Brits abroad" thing. I went there a few years ago and apart from the weather being great it was messy and noisy and may as well have been Blackpool Pleasure Beach. If that's your kind of thing then you'll probably love it. if however you want portuguese culture etc. i would steer clear."
love2travel :
"Here's what we wrote in our travelogue after visiting Portimao: "Our next visit was to Portimao, south west of Silves. This is one of the largest towns of the Algarve and frankly turned out to be our least favorite by far. All that is left of the old town is a few stretches of medieval walls. The old town now consists of 19th and 20th century houses without much beauty or character. It appeared to be a busy commercial city and very difficult to drive thru, much less find parking. The gardens at the river front and the marina were the highlight. The major tourist draw to the area is the Praia da Rocha with its golden sands and turquoise waters meandering among the sculpted cliffs and rocks.""
Catwoman :
"Albufeira.. trust me."
Nicky T :
"Definitely Portimao, or outskirts. Albufeira is far too busy and touristy, Portimao is more quaint, and the beaches nearby.... like Praia da Rocha are absolutely fantastic. Not far from Portimao is a lovely fishing village called Alvor with lovely restaurants where you can watch the sun go down. Have been there twice and would gladly go back time and time again."


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