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Ajaccio is located on the west coast of the island of Corsica, 210 nautical miles (390 km) southeast of Marseille. It occupies a sheltered position at the foot of wooded hills on the northern shore of the Gulf of Ajaccio. The harbour lies to the east of the town and is protected on the south by a peninsula.

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jade_d05 :

I'm possibly going to Ajaccio to get my advanced SCUBA diving certificate this summer. I will be in Paris for the first part studying french and hope to travel a little afterwards. Does anyone recommend any hotels? I have done some research and found Hotel-Fesch and Hotel Kalliste. Has anyone stayed there and what did you think? I'm at a loss not knowing anyone who has gone. Thanks!

Snowman1234 :
"I don't know these hotels or location specifically, but you might want to compare them to others on the Island for price, location , star rating, amenities and what they're offering in terms of meals etc. The National Tourism Board may also provide some comparisons."
Peter N. :
"Hello, from personal experience the booking.com works great for me. You can find good offers, reviews and ratings from guests (a great tool to decide based on other people bad or good experience). I'm using it the last three years and I didn't have any problems. The hotels and the rooms were exactly as I red on site. The maps also gives you an idea where the hotels reside. The reservation process is easy and you don't need to pay with credit card."


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Corsica, the most beautiful island in the Mediterranean, is a short range of mountains thrown up abruptly in that angle of the historic sea formed by France on the north and Italy on the west. Main towns (Corsican names): Ajaccio (Aiacciu), Bastia (Bastia), Corte (Corti), Sartène (Sartè).

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The most famous Frenchman in history was born at Ajaccio, Corsica on 15 August, 1769. Consequently Napoleon Bonaparte was not, in fact French. He was, though, a French subject as a result of the ceding of Corsica to France by the Genoese in 1768.

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découvrez toutes les informations touristiques sur ajaccio sur notre site officiel ainsi que les services administratifs d'ajaccio et la vie municipale d'ajaccio - Tourist Bureau

informations touristiques ajaccio, vie municipale d'ajaccio, services ...
Ajaccio ( IPA : [ajatʃo] , Latin : Adiacium ; French : Ajaccio ; Corsican : Aiacciu ), is a town in France . It is the capital of the territorial collectivity of Corsica and the ...
informations touristiques ajaccio, vie municipale d'ajaccio, services ...

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Athletic Club Ajaccio , commonly known as AC Ajaccio is a French football team, who were founded in 1910 . The club president is Michel Moretti , and the coach is Ruud Krol
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AC Ajaccio - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Real time wind & weather report Ajaccio ... Short term forecast: Ajaccio 17.1. 10h - 11h 17.1.
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