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Ayia Napa (Greek: Αγία Νάπα; Turkish: Aya Napa; today officially transliterated into English as Agia Napa) is a resort at the far eastern end of the south coast of the island of Cyprus, famous for its sandy beaches. In recent years, apart from being a family holiday destination, it has become a 'party capital' similar to Ibiza, Rimini and Mykonos. As of late, it has become particularly popular with UK Grime, House & Garage artists/MCs for holidays and gigs in its clubs/venues.

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dannynewport :

Where are the best places in Aiya Napa for me and my mate to go on the 1st of July for a week?? Ive booked a holiday for me and my mate to go to Aiya Napa on the 1st of July and we want to have a wicked time as we're only there for 1 week so can anyone tell me the best bars and cool places to go please?Mainly we want women,women,women and more We're staying in Eva Belle apartments and were both 28 and single looking for an AWESOME break. Cheers, Danny.

adammc6 :
"BAR CLUB BED these are the best dont u think enjoy wish i was there but sadly not"
ChopperPilot :
"Wine. Smile. Wine. Hug. Wine. Bar. Wine. Dance. Wine. Home. Wine. Whatever She wants. Sleep. Wine/Champagne. Strawberries/Cream/Pancakes/Breakfast. Wine/Champagne. Whatever She wants. How does that work for you?"
alice o :

hi there, we are a group of 18 year olds going on our first holiday to aiya napa cyprus, were on a budget of £350 maximun. Would like to go during JUly- Aug. Do you guys know of any cheap travel agencies in london, or internet sights, hotels were we could stay? p.s also where in aiya napa should we stay (area close to beach and clubs)? thankyou to all in advance x

kelly m :
"you can get club 18 30 hoildays for about 250-350 try jmc and these hoildays put you right in the middle of everything. Hope this helps have an ace hoilday!!!"
Spartan :
"You can stay with me if you like :) If you are into clubbing, it's better to stay at some place close to the center."
nicnac :
"my is a good site but im not sure if there will be any great deals at the moment maybe wait closer to the time. Greece season doesnt really start till mid may i dont think so most hotels are shut at the moment. Laganas in zakynthos is a good place to go if you want to be out all night. Cheap as well!"
Omnificent :
"Hi, There are many travel agents / tour operators that specialise in Cyprus. You can make a random search for the following high street agents in any search engine: Argo Holidays Cyplon Travel Thomson First Choice Libra Holidays or use alternatively websites such as: If you make an online search you will find that most of these online tour operators have currently discounts and cheap offers for all over Cyprus. Some of them also do packages with flights and also hotel or apartments only. For Ayia Napa I would reccomend you that you choose according to your needs. The distances are very small between hotels and the main clubbing area "platia" therefore you can always choose to rent motorbikes and a nice place to stay near the beach which is white sand and turquoise color. If you are going for nights out for nice fun you can go to river, black and white, the castle and the flinstones but I am sure that you will find your way as soon as you set foot on the area. Wishing you a happy holiday !!!"
nickic2k :

Looking to go to Aiya Napa (cypress) in October as its cheaper! Are all the clubs still open that time of year and is it still hot?

Juliu C :
"Some are and not so hot!"
mwade :
"In October it is not as hot as in summer - and that is great! You can actually sleep in Cyprus without air-condinioners and you can actually Walk around - and not just run from your house to the car- to the shop - to the club.. The sea is still very warm and there aren't any winter rains usually (no guarantee though - but even if there is a rain, it is usually short). As for clubs in Aiya-Napa being open.. I would suppose they are - especially in the beginning of October. Aiya-Napa is generally a very tourist place, and thus busy only during the high season.. Many businesses do close down there once the high season is over (which Might be September).. If clubs are very important for you - try Pafos or Limassol - these towns are bigger and not 'seasonal'."


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