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Agra is a city on the banks of the Yamuna River in Uttar Pradesh, India. It finds mention in the epic Mahabharata when it was called Agrabana, or Paradise. Ptolemy, the famous second century A.D. geographer, marked it on his map of the world as Agra.

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lasya :

I would be reaching delhi domestic airport around 10:00 am . I plan to visit agra from there. Can anyone please tell me if there is any bus service available from delhi domestic airport to agra at that time. Also I have a flight to shimla from delhi on next day morning 7:00 .So I plan to return from agra at night around 11-11:30 pm. Can anyone please tell me the availability of buses at that time from agra to delhi airport. Also please tell me how much time it will take to travel from delhi to agra.

Hemz :
"Move to ISBT and get the bus of Agra from here. It is available full day. In the same way u can bus in Agra for Delhi."
Giriraj b :
"you better catch a cab from airport itself to agra . it is 200 km from airport if you go by bus you cannot see agra tajmahal. better you take a cab from airport itself tell him to drop back delhi same day night after visting tajmahal. you can pay him a maximum 2000 rs for up and down from delhi for non a/c cab. if you go by bus first you have to come to bustand it will take one hour to reach bustand by than it will 12.00 noon and bus will take 5 hours to reach agra and from there half hour to agra so you cannot reach before 5.00 pm. closing time."
neerajtis :
"Find the link below: it will provide all those things that you need"
mal.nabanita :
"contact Delhi transport corporation (ph- 23868836) counter-34"
tamilarasan s :

I have to go Agra fort from New Delhi Railway startion. In which station I have to get down in Agra? Means, which station will be nearest to Agra fort? and what is the train name with timing....

Harsh - I :
"there is a train 'Bhopal Shatabdi Express' in the morning at 6+ am from new Delhi station... board it and alight at Agra cantt... the journey is about a couple of hours..."
shashi s :
"from new delhi railway station you have to take a another train,taj starts at indian time at 7:00 am and reaches at agra by 10:00 am.from there you can get a tourist bus till agra fort."
Mahesh R :
"Take Taj Express or Toofan Mail from New Delhi and get down at the Fort station which th nearest to the Taj."
tdrajagopal :
"Apart from the above mentioned express trains, there are passenger trains which plight from Delhi to Agra (Which costs you around 25 Rs. and take almost 45 min more."
pramodchennai :
"Your question is very peculiar. Why should anyone like to travel New Delhi to Agra Fort station? There is a very slow express train Udyan Abha Toofan Express. Better choice would be to travel New Delhi to Agra Cantt by Taj Express in the morning. If you really want to go to Fort Station use any local transport while at Agra. For other choices see indian railways website. Go to the link " Train Between Stations" Fill up the starting and destination station codes and presto! For your help Agra Cantt is AGC and New Delhi is NDLS. Keep searching the trains to everywhere. Good luck."
coldest snow :

Agra comes in golden triangle of India(Delhi - Agra - Jaipur) on tourist's map of India but its roads r very bad. Yamuna behind it at north has no water except rainy season b coz before entering Agra, a big canal was opened towards Haryana & so entire waer went there. Bcoz of that TAJ is being badly affected. That canal must be closed. It is pity that even having Yamuna, Agra residents get borewell water which is highly saline(salty) & makes hair sticky after taking a bath. During Shahjahan's period, Agra's roads were beautifully made of red sandstones. Taj in original condition before destructions by Jats & Marhatta's of Gwalior, had diamonds attached to each corner of every marble tile. Two very beautiful mable lamps of oval shape were hung on 2 graves having very complicated curved tubes insde such that oil inside moved in regulated speed & once lighted they were lighting perpetually . Viceroy replaced them with worse ones. now none is there. Will anyone replace similar ones ?

debosom_sengupta :
"I agree to you,the government and the municipalty should take interest in this matter,it is not only important to keep the Taj looking good but also its surroundings."
Jargon :
"What you have written is absolutly a matter of concern...After Taj is voted among 7 wonders of world the tourist treffic is bound to increase .... and agra by no means is ready to project itself as a representative of morden india... its like just another city of UP where you will see normal busses, normal UP police wale, long electric cuts, bad roads...and no dedicated department who can take care of tourists. every thing is runed by tourism loby and UP tourism and govt is just busy collecting tax and doing nothing for Agra city. you will see tourists coming in there big a/c cars to see taj from delhi nad they keep clicking pictures of garbage our poor traffic conditions ...10-12 people moving in an auto which is meant for only 3-4 people. what govt plans actualy never reches to actual people.... and thats actualy bigest matter of concern"
Paddy :
"What you say is so very true not only in Agra but all over India. No water, bad roads, power cuts.... These are the woes of people throughout India. It is the same sorry state everywhere. India is moving ahead globally. We are progressing, but the plight of the common man remains the same. Basic amenities are not provided to us. The main reason is corruption. Those in position are corrupt. We need clean people in Public service. We need clean politicians. There should be a resolution that only those persons who have worked towards the progress of their constituency would be allowed to contest in the next election."


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latest & updated political, cultural, tourism, agra, cinema, sports indian news online

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Welcome to a mesmerizing trip through the three flamboyant cities of India – Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, also known as the famous Golden Triangle trip Package Name,India Comments/ Questions or information relevant to your trip - your travel budget, number of days, time of visit.

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Travelers describe their crazy day in Agra, India, home of the Taj Mahal, and many a tout.

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Travelers describe their experiences in Agra, India at the Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world.

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