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Abu Dhabi is both the capital and Federal capital of the United Arab Emirates, and is the largest of the seven emirates. This second most populous city of the UAE lies on a T-shaped island with its futuristic skyscrapers rising from the desert coast of the Persian Gulf. Among the modern island city there are remains of an older and more cultural society. Abu Dhabi comprises of international luxurious hotels, never-ending shopping malls, extensive entertainment and leisure facilities, along beautiful green streets and parks. The citys origin reflects its true prestige, as it was a major hub for the pearl industry before it had discovered its rich reserves of oil. There is a stretch of traditional wooden dhows along the harbour, which were not just used for fishing but also for pearl diving. Abu Dhabi is known as the most important cultural city in the UAE, attracting many visitors to its established Cultural Foundation centre, which is responsible for hosting various art exhibitions and musical performances from all over the globe. Abu Dhabi is one of the most prosperous and rapidly developing cities in the world, with an impressive population of 1.45 million (2008). In just over half a century it has become a major centre for tourism, as well as transforming from a small Bedouin village into a thriving investment enterprise.

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sivasiva16siva :

any flights from singapore to abu dhabi ??

Joey S :
"Flooding YA with senseless questions will get you suspended. Yahoo Answers Community Staff."
fff :
"UAE airlines"
mf :

we are stopping off in abu dhbai, just for 2 days and 2 nights on our way to oz. can anyone tell me how exspensive it is there for food and drinks ect, cheers! we're staying in the rotana beach hotel.

bill b :
"depending on if your eating at the hotel, then it can run up between 50 dhs (14 or 15 dollars) to triple that per person, but say youre staying in the rotana or around that area, just walk a few blocks and you can go to fabulous, small, unknown restaurants that r more street food, but r cheap nd gd, 10 or 12 dhs (like 3 bucks) per person, drinks, outsidea hotels, itsa dirham (27 cents) for a soda/water or w/e, btu stick 2 masafi, its the only one that dont have additivies, saw it ina newpaper the other day, evrythin else aint healthy"
angelina :
"i guess u can manage food and stuff for 1 day if in a hotel around 200-250 dhs per person.."
Bmw :
"it depends what style and standard of food ur looking for there will be everything from 5 star hotels charging vast amounts to small indian restaurants for just a few pounds, its up to u what u want to spend, there is every type of cuisine there that u can think of and also the usual fast food places mcd's kfc and pizza hut. u should be able to find something to suit yr budget. unless anythings changed in the 7 years since i was there u will only be able to drink in the hotels, restaurants outside of hotels do not serve alcohol."
desertbloom2003 :
"Well if you find the hotel expensive , you wouldn't have to worry at all about food as you can walk to the Abu Dhabi Mall just across the road and visit the food court there, you will have many shops and restaurants too near by too. You picked a good hotel and a good location. You can check for more info like check in/check out timing etc .. and lots more on their website:"
fars_aswad :
"its cheap for food and booze. no worries... u'll enjoy there. remember if u got time, do a bit shopping like electronics or whatever cos its much cheaper than oz. ..."
bugi :
"Shawarma is 3-5 Dirhams and a tin of coke/pepsi is only 1 dirham! Cheers! BigMac meal is 17 Dirhams!"
anoooni :
"I'll suggest that you best check similar questions here on Y!A because this same question been asked million times .. if you check the similar questions you'll have more answers and options .. good luck .."
hazem_sherif_barakat :

where can i go to do exercise in a nice, chic, and not very expensive, luxcurious GYM in abu dhabi and pay per day as i will stay in abu dhabi for two weaks near hamdan mall and how much will it cost me

Mr_Mo :
"Try this site. People usually get back to you pretty quickly. Its Its FREE to use the site. GOOD LUCK."
ghaloob :
"Abu Dhabi is has some five stars hotels where you can use the gym and pay per day, There are couple of Sheratons, Meridian & Hilton."
The Invisibleman :
"Im from abu dhabi and for the best gym soo far will be Rock Gym at Hamdan St. which cost 200 Dhs Per Month VIP Gym near Corniche will is 400 Dhs. UAE Forums ."


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Date: 2008-02-08 12:47:03

"Investments in U.S. banks by Middle East countries might raise eyebrows," [Mona] Sutphen says. "I think the fear that you have out there is really about what might happen as opposed to what's actually happening today." You mean, the fear of what might happen when the rest of the world owns every mortgage/student loan/bank in the US? How silly!

Date: 2008-02-08 12:47:03

Masdar has launched one of the largest ever field studies of solar panel technology. The firm will contribute renewable energy to Abu Dhabi's local grid for the first time, as a result of the project.

Date: 2008-02-08 12:47:03

Norman Foster’s Masdar City is poised to become world’s most sustainable, zero-waste, car-free, carbon neutral city. The model for the city was formally unveiled on 21st January at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi.

Date: 2008-02-08 12:47:03

A new six million square meter sustainable development, named Masdar, that uses the traditional planning principals of a walled city, together with existing technologies, to achieve a carbon neutral, zero waste and car-free community has been formally announced in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

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